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Almonds as main fat source?

Eating keto-ish and I was wondering is there an issue with making almonds my main fat source for food?


Variety> single source

I would be surprised if eating that many almonds didn’t come with some gastric side effects. Nuts have a lot of fiber to serve as a primary fat source. And what does “keto-ish” mean? High fat but enough carbs to stay out of ketosis? In ketosis some days but not others?

Keto-ish is probably not the best term. Basically it is low carb. I am at 2000 cal., 200 p., 100 c., 90 f. Besides avocados, olives and fish oil I use almonds. Probably around 50 grams. So there is a bit of variety I suppose. Anyway thanks very much.

Actually your variety lacks saturated fat. Saturated fat is important.

If you don’t really want to change your diet just drink some heavy cream or add butter to your foods. Eggs are good too.

high omega 6 content of nuts too. Promotes inflammation if you get too much.

Using almonds as your primary fat source is not a good idea.

That’s sounds like a harsh diet if almonds are your main source of fat.