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Almightyfod's Training Log

Ok everyone, I’m getting an accountability log going on. Here’s my situation and goals, both long and short term:

Short term situation: I will be studying abroad in Kuwait for the next three weeks. During this time I have no access to a weight set, and I’m bunked in a hotel.

Short term goal: Improve my Army Physical Fitness Test score from a 275 to as close to a 300 as I can get, emphasizing the 2-mile run and maxing my pushups. Here’s an outline;

Run time - current: 13:39
Run time - goal: 13:00

Pushups - current: 65
Pushups - goal: 80+

Test is the first week back to class in January, sometime around the 10th or 12th.

Long term situation: Full access to university gym, extra $ for supplements via the National Guard. LDAC in the summer, for those in the know.

Long term goal: Attain a 300 ASAP. Afterward, begin Rippetoe’s SS approach to build up a base and eventually hit a 1000lbs total in the big three while maintaining a 300 until post LDAC.

current DL: 275
current squat: 250
current BP: 155 (weak sauce, but I’m sacrificing #'s for pushup reps for now.)

Help me stay accountable, and I’ll post with my daily routine for the short term as I start. Feel free to yell and heckle if I start to slack in posting or #'s. Thanks.

I’ll be watching this to see how you end up. Getting the running thing nailed and progressing with the weights isn’t easy, or fast, but it can be done. You may want to take a look at hungry4more’s thread in T-Cell, I know he makes solid progress and I think he still has to fit in the runs on occasion. Marine, if I’m not mistaken.

Good luck, dude.

Ok, here’s two day’s worth.

Monday, 20 Dec 2010:
3+ mile run on Kuwaiti boardwalk
-Medium/quick pace. 27:15 total time elapsed.

Tuesday, 21 Dec 2010:
Sprints: 12 x 100m (felt gassed at 8, but finished anyway. Scared a lady in full Burkah with the last one because I almost ran into her)
*Will post weight workout later, possibly have access to a gym later today.

Tuesday, 21 dec 2010:
Second workout


Reverse Wood chopper (both sides)

Incline Bench

High Pull, Barbell

No rhyme or reason, really. I went in to the gym wanting a total body, but the squat rack was being used the whole time and only had an hour.

Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010

Rest. Felt pretty stiff, so stretch and water.

Thursday, 23 Dec 2010

Elliptical workout:
2 min warmup
25 min Hill repeats:
1 min work set
1 min light rest set
*Hills increased in difficulty in sets of three, and then reset difficulty one step higher than previous difficulty base.
5 min cooldown

Humbling. I usually make fun of ellipticals, but this hill repeat had me sweating bullets. I will add another one of these at least this week, because I’m wary of actual mileage on the ground.

Don’t remember days, but I’ve ran twice, ellipticalled twice, and walked a ton. Bored out of my skull here in Kuwait. Can’t wait to get back to the states.