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All's Well To Date.


Just to thank everyone a tell you that my son is coming home after a successful surgery. The tumor is out, the leg is still there, although with an artificial knee and the top third of the tibia replaced with an allograft.

He will spend two months with his leg in a brace and will have to relarn to walk. There are also another eight chemo session which will take us into April/May, but all in all a good result.

Lifting from the floor is out though.



Congratulations! My aunt just went through a relapse in her breast cancer. We weren't sure whether or not she was going to die. Thanks to some first-rate doctors (Boston is a great place to have ailing health,) she pulled through and her breathing tube should be taken out today.


I'm happy to hear this. Despite what he's been through, he's alive and soon to be well. May the chemo go easy on him and put this all to rest.


Squats and Milk!!!

All the best for your son.


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Awesome. I needed some good news right now and this is it.

Pass on my regards to your son, wish him all the best from everyone here. He's obviously a fighter. The very best of luck to you all.


I'm really glad to read that it's going well for your son, TQB. I wish him a swift, pain-free recovery.

Good news about your aunt as well, Jerkwad!


That's awesome news! Best wishes in the new year.


It's always great to have someone share good news on here instad of the 'assholes at the gym' type of complaint posts.

COngrats on everything man. Appreciate what you have.



Thought I'll give an update. We had to add a bit of radiotherapy as the pathology showed the tumor they took out was only 80% dead, instead of the 90+% they like to see at this stage. Daily visits to the hospital has been a bit of a hassle, but that is over now and he should be at the same point of recovery as if he only had had chemo.

Today he goes in again for four days. As you say, guys, enjoy every day you have.

Another point is that, once you have seen real bravery, it is very difficult to take some of the posters on this forum very seriously, when they play tough....

In lifting


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So thankful to hear your son is doing well.

Here's to wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and many happy doctor visits in 2008.



im praying for your family this Christmas, let that little guy know we are all pulling for him, he's got a kind of strength that most of us here will never come close to knowing.

God bless


Just an update. Chemo finished on March 22 and we just had the first major scan. No trace of tumor cells. I drank the world's biggest beer after that...

He tries school now and likes it. (that's a first). He walks with a major limp but is determined not to use crutches. I am certain he'll get rid of both them and most of the limp. I have to cool him down at times. He's inherited my patience, both seconds!

Of course he still looks like Nosferatu, but that will soon pass. We're all looking forward to a major vacation this summer, three weeks at Lake George, double yay.

Thanks for the support, guys.



Party time!!

Good stuff. I don't know many people with balls like that. Most would give up and stick to the crutches.

I'm guessing you must be one happy camper!


Im sorry that I missed this thread the first time you posted it...I'm glad to hear that he's doing well, I bet it is a massive relief too hear that kind of news...sadly a friend of mines mother was diagnosed last year and still has two more rounds of chemo, funny thing is she's one of those people even if she lost half her body she'd still have a smile on her face and never complain...I know if I was in a similar predicament to what she's going through and what your son went through I'd probably fall in a heap...best wishes for the future


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Great news. So glad to hear it. Best wishes to you and your family and enjoy the vacation.


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Makavali, Hedo: Thanks!

jtg987: Thanks to both of you!

Bushy: Yes, we have slowed it a bit. We have a magic physio working with him. He agrees with you. We'll get here.

Update: HAIR (2mm):slight_smile: