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Allopurinol (oral) For Muscle Gain?

i know it is a steroid but is it strong enough to cycle for muscle gain?

Allopurinol is in a class of medications called xanthine oxidase inhibitors, I could not find anywhere where it said that it is a steroid; regardless it’s not a Anabolic or Androgenic steroid at all.

I am glad you asked and did not assume and just take higher doses - Taking high doses will only fuck you up. Taking higher doses hoping for an anabolic effect would be dangerous:

~Allopurinol can increase the body’s store of iron salts, which can lead to iron toxicity.

~Multiple Sclerosis is a possiblility of lowering your uric acid levels too much.

~Atherosclerosis and Stroke risk is elevated when uric acid levels get too low.

~Metabloic syndrome; thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc - hyper/hypouricemia-induced oxidative stress is a cause of Metabolic syndrome.

all of this took me about 2 minutes to find. Short/simple answer is NO!