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Alllmost KOed Quotes, LOL

These are some of my favorite stories from boxing over the years, got a new one this weekend too, thought it might be a fun thread. You know when your brain is still working enough that you can think of something to say… but it isn’t the right thing? lol

My brother is boxing one night, gets TAGGED but doesn’t go down. Referee says gives him the usual “Hands up, walk to me” bit, says “You okay?” My brother says “Who are you talking to, me?” haha

I was in the middle of taking a whipping one night in Houston, after the round I went to the wrong corner (at least it was a neutral corner), ref says “You alright?” I say “Oh, yeah, this is my first time in Houston, I don’t really know my way around.”

Over the weekend one of my fighters got dropped, the ref says “Do you know what day it is?” Kid says “Uhhh… I mean, I can name all seven of them if you want, I figure it’s gotta be one of those.”

Got thrown pretty hard once, bounced my head and was probably a flash ko for as long as it took me to bounce. Managed guard by reflex, held on for the bell.

I lapsed into usmc speak and said “aye sir” when the ref sent me to my corner.

Can’t remember half the stupid stuff I’ve said when the room was spinning.

During one fight, got clocked hard a couple of times at the end of the round, I came back to my corner at the bell and spat a shit load of blood into the bucket. Coach said ‘That’s a lot of blood boy, I’m going to stop the fight’. I said ‘that’s not blood, that’s jam’ and got up and tried to walk towards the centre of the ring. I was 18, no idea how I thought that would pull the wool over his eyes. Ref had seen the blood and stopped the fight anyway. It was a lot of blood.

When I was a kid, about 12 or 13, I was boxing at lightweight or bantam, got caught with 5 or 6 good shots, no idea how I didn’t go down, got a standing 8. I looked over at the other lad’s corner, and his coach was almost seizing he was so hyped up. I shouted at him ‘don’t look so happy mate, you’re next’. His coach was an active heavyweight in his late 20s with a good win record. Pretty sure everyone close to the ring had a good laugh at me for that one. Won the fight though.

NICE lol