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Alleviating Shoulder/Neck Pain?

Recently, I’ve had some neck and shoulder pain, most likely stemming from my snowboarding trip last week (I fell a lot but never had any nasty falls). My neck isn’t too bad… there’s slight discomfort/tightness on the right side whenever I turn my head either direction. The bigger issue is my right shoulder. I definitely feel it in the joint, but I don’t know where it’s coming from or how to fix it.

To give you an idea of the discomfort, I feel pain when I:
-do the throwing motion,
-do any pressing movement (only at the bottom of the movement),
-get under the bar for back squats (and my hands are on the bar),
-do front squats (no pain really… just discomfort when the bar is pushing down on my shoulder),
-rotate my arm,
-reach for my left shoulder with my right hand
-do the “L” movement in YTWLs (also known as LYTPs)

Any idea what’s going on?