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Allergy to Chocolate?


Is it possible to be allergic to chocolate? Every time I have even a bite or taste of it, I gag and spit it out. I have tried to resist this urge, but I cannot overcome it. I turn red and have trouble breathing. Anyone ever heard of this? I have tried eating white chocolate, and I have a similar but milder reaction.


friend of mine had this allergy, carried some syringes with him at all time just in case he got into contact with chocolate.


It's horrible, other than for obvious reasons, some people react like I am a mutant.


My Grandmother was also allergic to chocolate, although for her instead of puking, she would sneeze violently and uncontrollably.

She was okay with white chocolate though. As a small child, I assumed this had to do with getting better candies at holidays.


If it's the cocoa in the chocolate, white chocolate shouldn't have that reaction. So, perhaps it's something else in the chocolate... some kind of stabilizer or some such causing that reaction. Best I can suggest is avoid chocolate :frowning:


So you've never had Chocolate Surge or Metabolic Drive?! My poor man, my heart reaches out to you.


Just the smell of chocolate makes me want to heave, I really don't know what it is. I thought about going to a doctor to see if he might know, but I am afraid of being laughed out of the doctor office.


I don't see the problem with going to the doctor asking for advice. Sure, it might be a little strange but I'm sure they've seen or heard worse. Plus, I know a few people who also can't stand the taste of chocolate. They don't have the urge to heave or anything but they do dislike it so I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary, just your case might be a bit more extreme than most.