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Allergy, Inflammation & Metab?

I have been lurking on this site for a while and find it a very interesting and valuable source of information and research topics as a uni student.

This is not so much a question but a topic which I have not found much info on this site and would like to spark some discussion.

I am currently doing some research on IgG food-specific intolerances and their detrimental effect on metabolism, fat loss, and also most likely on lean muscle gain.

These are not the type of symptoms associated with acute (IgE) allergies that most people think of (eg peanuts etc) but a more long-term chronic and systemic inflammation. There is quite a bit of evidence suggesting that perhaps most people have some kind of immune response to at least some food in their diet.

This immune response results in complex inflammatory mechanisms. Think of it as constantly ingesting a pathogen(eg a bacteria or virus), creating a constant state of inflammation. Symptoms may be mild and not cause reason for seeing a doctor - eg tiredness, bowel disorders, weight loss/gain, joint pain etc

There is a lot of evidence that identifying and eliminating/limiting these foods can reduce such symptoms. There is also evidence that such an inflammatory response increases glucose resistance and alters metabolism and therefore would have a profound effect on body composition.

There are a lot of experienced nutritionists and researchers on here so I wonder if anyone has heard of this or anything similar before or if it makes sense?

Hey Hungerpain! Check into Loren Cordain’s work if you haven’t read it already and go from there. You can go to pubmed.gov and search Cordain L and several articles will pop up about western diet leading to chronic inflammation, insulin sensitivity, glucose intolerance, syndrome X etc.

The inflammatory response is normal and triggered by tissue injury and then can be proliferated to chronic proportions via crappy diet. There is indeed alot of evidence for that.

Most of the studies I’ve read with autoimmune response to dietary factors have to do with celiac patients and often compare IgG and IgA activity in response to gluten (specifically wheat gluten antigen) and dairy products.

Refined carbohydrates should pop up alot of hits on pubmed or whatever index you use too. I’ve not seen any isolated work with IgG, but I would be intrigued if you’d share some studies.