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Allergy Free Vitamins

Anyone out there sensitive to vitamins? I am looking for an allergy free vitamin/mineral for my wife. She is very sensitive to vitamins for some reason. Every time she takes anything even a stinkin’ Flintstone she gets sick. She’s trying to lose weight but I know she can’t do it unless she gets some basic nutrition first. Any advice would be appreciated.

Allergy against vitamins? I’m no expert, but that is impossible. There are vitamins/minerals in food, and as long as she eats (she does eat, right?), she’ll get at least a bit of everything, which means she can’t be allergic.

If anything, she might be allergic against some of the extra ingredients, namely soy, gluten, special starches, artificial colours, preservatives or gelatine.

IheartGB is right on this one she can’t be allergic to vitamins just sensitive to the crap typically used to process these vitamins. Another thing to consider is that most vitamins are from synthetic, non-living nutrients which is not ideal. I bet you didn’t know that most B vitamins are synthesized of petroleum and coal tar derivatives. Explains why B vitamins make some people sick. I really can’t put this out there enough. If you want real, whole-food source, once-living nutrients that your body will readily absorb and use then check out www.healthline.cc–hands down the best out there. Between there and here my supplement/medicine needs are totally covered.

Hey, there, bckdarkjedi. Do a search on hypo-allergenic vitamins on the Internet. It would be impossible for any of us to recommend a specific brand for you wife because people are allergic to different things in vitamins. It could be the yeast from which B vitamins are made, the capsule itself, the excipients (binders) or even the dye/coloring.

What I would recommend since your wife is going to have to experiment with different brands is to contact companies one or two at a time and ask them to send you a sample, enough for one week, say, to determine her tolerance (or not).

In the meantime, she’d do well to eat organic (if possible) fruit, veggies, sprouts, beans and lentils – getting as much variety as possible. Protein sources should be rotated. Don’t let her get into the rut of eating the same fruit for a snack every day or the same veggie for dinner. Rotate, rotate, rotate.

Good luck to you!!!