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My seasonal allergies are really kicking my ass right now. Lucky for me I only get them in the fall. Anyway, do you guys have any info on what claritin or other OTC meds will do to my workouts? I would like to take something, but I’m of the mind that the less medication I take (even aspirin) the better. I don’t want to sap my strength or curtail my gains. On the other hand, my body is producing so much mucus right now (pleasant thought there) that I’m drinking water like it’s um… water?

The allergies are preventing me from getting good sleep, but we all know that Nyquill doesn’t really help you sleep either, just knocks your ass out. So, in short (too late) what do you guys take, if anything?

I’m sitting right here in the same exact position as you. I got paper towel stuck up my nose in fact. I just took some Benadryl and a sleep aid pill so hopefully I can knock this thing out for my Squat workout tomorrow. But if I’m not 100% I’m gonna say screw it and wait another day.

Don’t know how helpful that was but when it comes to getting better I am pretty liberal with medication. I hate being sick.

Take care