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I have allergies today. Family’s in town, uncle’s dog has been around all day long, and Im not feeling as good as I should.

Do allergies increase cortisol levels? My feeling is it does, but Im not sure.

Any good tips on how to decrease cortisol levels? Resting and relaxing all help of course, but any supplements maybe? Foods? This is one area I need to do some extensive research. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

take some anti-histamines for the allergies. Better to cure the cause than to treat the symptoms.

Yes allergies increase the amount of stress hormone, cortisol.
I’m basing this on the fact that people with sever allergies are prescribed cortisone steroids which immediatley wipe out any and all allergic problems.

Currently I have a cortisone defficiency, the opposite of your problem, so I guess I know a little bit about keeping cortisol levels low.
First stay very relaxed and don’t do any cardio.

But you SHOULD excercise. Excercise releases endorphins, the presence of which will lower cortisol levels in you (stress.com explains)

Cortisol levels are highest in the morning right after you have gotten up. I am guessing this probably has to do with the stress your body goes through after fasting for eight or so hours.
Eating regularly should keep levels from elevating.

If you REALLY want low cortisol levels take high levels of cortisol steroids steroids for three or four years.
Your thyroid gland, seeing that the body is already chock full of cortisol will not activate the adrenal glands to produce cortisol naturally. Years of inactivity will make the adrenal glands lumps on top of your kidneys, doing nothing.
You’ll never have to worry about high, or any, cortisol again.

Sergius we’re talking about a simple allergy here, not about how to turn someone into a wasted freak for 3 years just so he can fucking get rid of cortisol.

Whats next? Overdose on cocaine, so your body becomes immune to it? Drink gallons of wine everyday so your body builds up a tolerance to it?

All right, third and final–prohormones and supplements like methoxy and mag10 have been known to control cortisol levels too due to their muscle maintaining properties.

diesel23-Man, I was being facetious on the matter.

You might want NeilGs input on this one, seriously.

Diesel, a little known fact is that MSM is stunningly effective with some allergies. If it works for you, you’d see relief almost immediately; i.e., in less than 24 hours.

MSM binds to the histamine receptors in the nasal and intestinal mucosa, preventing an allergic response. So it is effective with environmental as well as food allergies.

There are some who believe that some allergies are nothing more than a sulfur deficiency.

An effective dosage is somewhere between 2 and 8g of MSM twice per day; for a total of 4 to 16g per day. Start at the lower dosage and increase by 1g per day. In other words, Day 1 take 2g and 2g. Day 2 take 3g and 3g. Day 3 take 4g and 4g. Stop at whatever dosage provides you relief. The reason for starting low and working your way up is to prevent stomach upset.

MSM can be taken with food or by itself. The powder can be dumped into a cold drink or a hot beverage, either one. Don’t take the last dose much later than about 7:00 pm. At around 5g it is mentally stimulatory. It affects membrane fluidity in the brain cells, allowing for more efficient glucose transport into the brain cells. Thus the stimulatory effects.

Drop me a line and let me know how it works for you. MSM is a super cheap supplement with a host of other benefits besides the ones listed above. No reason not to experiment.