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Allergies to Whey - Options?


I know it's been discussed here before, but I'm looking for a non-dairy (or at least non-allergenic) protein powder.

My first question is this - would a BCAA powder be effective by itself in a w/o drink, and possibly a second one if bulking.

And second, does anyone know where I can buy whey protein powder that is only hydrolysates? I hear they are hypo-allergenic and I've interested in trying it.
I found one company but they're in the UK and very expensive to ship

Thanks very much for any help!


BCAA's are good but you need all the AMINO'S EAA's as well etc.

Try a QUALITY protein powder like Metabolic Drive many people have a hrad time with cheaper brands but when the try a quality one they are fine.

As for a good hydro whey supp for PWO I would go for Surge. you DO NOT want hydro by itself that crap taste like hell warmed over. Biotest did some damn magic covering the flavor of it in Surge. I only get a slight hint of it in the aftertaste and thatb just assures me it quality. Once youve tried pure hydro you wont forget the hell.

Other than that Food my man. Eggs meats etc are going to be your best friend.

Hope that helps,


Hydro whey isn't "that" bad. But I guess sometimes you have to just start drinking the mid 90's protein powders in water when you were younger than 13. But I mean seriously, the convience, the precise mix, the BCAA's, all in one, go with the Surge.