Allergies to Supplements?

Has anyone ever had an alergic reaction to a supp? I feel like this may be happening to me im itchy all over and nothing has changed but I bought some GNC brand creatine because it was on sale only 15 bucks for around 150 5g servings. Itchy all over, red eyes it could be normal allergies but not really sure.


But I would check the ingredients on the bottle. Maybe you have an allergy to one of them.

The Mayo Clinic does mention possible allergic reactions to creatine that mimic your symptoms. You’re the first person I’ve heard mention them, but I guess you’re not the only one.

Could be some of the ingredients in the supplement such as soy lecithin. I haven’t really heard of anyone reacting to that very small amount of soy, but it could be possible.

Not worth taking it though if it’s causing your body to react like that.