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Allergies to Metal DBs and Free Weights


My daughter has been working out at our home gym and she is trying to determine what is causing the skin around her eyes to flare up. She thinks it may have something to do with the weights. Does anyone out there have any reference to this type of problem. We use the standard weights and dumb-bells that you purchase at any major store and gym equipment place.


Maybe nickle. My mother in-law can't wear any jewelry that contains nickle or she gets a bad rash.


How exactly does one lift weights with their eyeballs? I mean, even with levitation you dont actually TOUCH them.

Video or it didn't happen.

I can hear a fat 25 year old down the road saying, "no, no, i can't work out. I tried that once. I'm allergic"


Is your home gym in the basement or the garage? Maybe a dusty attic? She may have environmental allergies.