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Allergies From Overconsuming Foods


CT made an excellent point last week in one of his nutrition articles. To paraphrase, he said if you eat a specific food too often, you could develop an allergy to that food (even if the symptoms are not obvious).

Now, if that is true, shouldn't that apply to supplements like fish oil, etc? So what should be done? Do you take, say, fish oil for a month and then discontinue it for a while or what? Do all supplements then need to be "cycled"?



im curious about this as well


I am curious as well.

I've been eating the same foods day in, day out for over a year now.

Can you get allergic to fruit and vegetables?! :wink:


I think fish oil is okay since it is not a 'protein'. I thought allegerns are protein molecules?
Please correct me if I am wrong!
I would like to know the real answer too!


What about protein powder? Surge?

I am a bit skeptical of the concept but I do think if you fixate on one food you will develop problems from lack of variety.


yeah i've been thinking about this a bit recently due to my unholy love of beef and beef products - must have half a kilo a day on average. Need to start cycling in some other meats... but beef is just so good...


I think this is why Berardi recommends cycling protein powders and fish oils on a routine basis.


I work the opposite. If I stop drinking milk or eating Mcdonalds, when I go back to it, I can make bathrooms disappear. So I try to make sure at least once a week I drink a glass of milk or eat some mcd's.

I have seen people who eat too much shellfish get allergies. And I do cycle my supplements. Haven't seen any medical advice on the subject, but it's just hard for me to believe that if normally I would get 1 mg of Vitamin E from my diet that 10000 would be healthy.

The only conflict comes with lifting weights. I lift because I enjoy it and I like getting stronger. This process requires a diet that may be slightly different than an optimal health diet. With that I believe that the amount of supplement build up your body stores, is probably related to how much you excrete through diet and exercise or use in the building process. If it's leaving your body at a faster rate, you may not have to cycle your supplements. On the other hand if its an overload, then you should probably take some time off here and there.

Remember caffeine is great but the effects get weaker if used too much.


Well, a few years back I was eating two or three avocados per day. Sure enough, after a number of months of that, I developed an avocado allergy. This wasn't subjective...I literally got a stomach ache that doubled me over after eating just a little avocado.

That was proof enough for me that this is a valid concept.


Did you eat another one and get another stomach ache or was it just once? Can you eat them now?


I had eaten 5 eggs everyday for four months until last week. I really enjoy eggs, but one morning, I really struggled to get them down. The next morning, I ate them, and got terrible diarrhea for two days.

Took a week off of them, needless to say. Anyone else ever develop an egg allergy from eating them for too long?


I think you just had some bad eggs.

I have 2 raw eggs in my breakfast shake every morning 5-7 days a week. I sometimes have cooked scrambled eggs if its a weekend.

Eggs rule. Tasty, easy, quick.


Similar thing happened to me once as ASEBGD12. I couldn't stomach them for a few weeks, then got right back into it.


I don't know if it's an allergy, but I think you can eat too many and need a break. I ate about 3-5 a day for many months and then one day just looking at them made me sick. So I stopped. I can still eat a yolk or two on occassion, but not regularly. Whites never seem to bother me....


It is completely possible to become allergic to something due to over exposure. That is how most allergies come to light, especially medication allergies.

We see it every now and then where an EMT/nurse/Dr will have an allergic reaction to latex due to the constant exposure to the latex. That is why MOST of us have switched over to non-latex products.

If it is possible in medications and other natural products, I'm sure it's possible in food products as well.


yes. you should vary and rotate the sources of anything you eat everyday. just like you vary your workouts.

according to my allergist with food you're more likely to develop low-level allergies which don't necessarily manifest as acute symptoms but will irritate and likely cause or exacerbate a state of chronic inflammation.

keep changing it up.


I have trouble with the idea. You can have an allergic reaction to a food because of a vitamin deficiency. I have eaten chicken everyday in large amounts for almost four years, and I'm not allergic to it. I'm still allergic to milk, chocolate, buffalo, and most breads though.


I'm glad this thread was started cause I've been wondering about these things for a while now.
I read an article a while back by Charles Poliquin where he claims that it is infact possible to almost grow an allergen to different food. He was very clear to point out that Oats and Wheat were the main culprit and that a huge percentage of people are allergic to them without knowing.....I personally agree with this, I cut out Wheat from my cheat day about a month ago and have noticed after eating a diet high in rice, yam's, potatoe etc that i'm leaner than I would have been If I'd been eating wheat based products. He also noted that eggs were high up on that list!! I'm gonna look for the article and I'll post it up!

Also has anyone ever noticed any allergic reaction to whey protein?

There she is.....


Berardi's recommendation doesn't make sense if you simply switch from one fish oil to another as they may be from the same source even if they are of different concentrations. You would need to switch from fish oil to something other than fish oil.

Likewise, switching from one dairy-based protein to another is silly. You'd need to switch from one type of protein to another -- such as going from dairy based to soy.


Unless one was developing allergies to something that wasn't the protein but a specific additive.

And I was under the impression - I may be wrong - the he reccomended switching from fish oil to salmon oil to mackerel oil to... etc. Or maybe that was someone else.