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Allergic to Soy

So, I got a full allergy test done, and come to find out I’m allergic to 24 different local allergens. Unfortunately, two of those are food allergies. I’m allergic to tomatoes (and I LOVE tomatoes), and soy.

It’s been an eye opening experience to find out just how many products contain soy. The worst is when I found out that every whey protein powder that I can find uses soy lecithin to make the protein “instantized.”

Now I am on a search to find a PWO protein that still has a great absorption rate, and the benefits of whey, without the soy. I was told that gemma and hemp proteins may be the way to go, but I was curious if somebody more knowledgeable than me could tell me of my options, etc…


My Surge Recovery doesn’t have soy lecithin.

That’s interesting. I had always just looked at original flavor and chocolate. I assumed that b/c the two of those had soy products, the others would as well. Good to know! I am curious why some have the lecithin and others don’t.