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Allergic to Soy-Derived Test Products

I have low t with results near 200. Allergic to soy

I have been put on androgel 3 years ago, after taking it I got REAL sleepy and also had GI problems. Found out it is derived from soy.

fast forward a year, put on compounded cream to get around the soy issue, but didn’t raise my levels at all.

fast forward to now. Put on depo-T and injected subq. Had the same damn reaction got very sleepy and somewhat agitated. Read on pfizers website that is also derived from soy.

WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO. Sounds like I am screwed and will have to live with low-t.

why the hell does T have to be made from soy molecules. I am seriously down in the dumps. I thought the injections would be the answer.

So Test Cypionate is too??

[quote]BIG ORANGE wrote:
So Test Cypionate is too??[/quote]

From what I have read, it also is made from soy.

Man so sorry I wish I could help have you talked to doc about it???

What about getting compounded T from a compounding pharmacy? One of their specialties is dealing with allergies, they might be able to help. If you’re paying out-of-pocket you might even save some money. My T is compounded but I have no idea if it’s made from soy.

Hope this helps, it’s at least another avenue to explore. Don’t give up just yet.