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Allergic to Oil in Test E?


im on week 9 of a 12 week 500mg/w Test E

I literally get the test flu every time i shoot.

Everyone has been telling me that it's because the gear is contaminated.

But my friend is running out of the same bottle as me. I prepare his and my shot every time. He had the flu the first week and it stopped.

Why do I get the flu after every shot???, ive put on 15 lbs of lean mass thanks to dex but i feel like if i wasnt sick 90% of the time after shots I would be seeing much better results.

am i allergic to the oil it's in and he isn't???


If it was contaminated you would get an infection at inject site.



does your gear have eo in it? any redness at injection site? lumps? hard to touch?


EO?? yes redness and hard lumps every time


ethyl oleate. do you know what carrier oil your gear has? it may have EO, and you are allergic. a small percentage of people are.


i have no idea and there was one injection where i didnt have any bad symptoms so would that rule out allergy?


Dude, 3 weeks ago you said you got infected and that you would run pct and that you were 8 weeks on. Now you are saying you are 9 weeks on? Something is not right here. Are you retarted or brain damaged?


Your gear should tell you on the bottle what carrier its in (cotton seed oil, EO, etc). Quite a few people are allergic to the EO.