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Allergic to Fish... Now What?

I tried various tpes of fish oils recently and thought I might tolerate them better than eating fish, which I’m allergic to. However, I was disappointed to find out I suffer the same symptoms as eating fish when I take them.

What would be some good alternatives on fatty acids if I can’t seem to tolerate fish oil?


CLA and flaxseed (ground/oil) are good sources of omega-three.

And borage/primrose oil.

Flax oil comes to mind. Also, some food has been fortified with omega 3’s, such as eggs.

Out of curiosity, what are your allergic symptoms from fish oil?

How is CLA a source of Omega 3? CLA is by definition, conjugated linoleic acid, which is an omega 6.

Fish oil makes my airways swell, making it difficult to breathe, plus it makes me feel like i have the flu. Odd thing is, I can eat canned or bag tuna with no problem.

The disparity between fish oil giving a reaction and tuna not is a bit fishy (pun sadly intended)

Are you taking capsules? Could you be allergic to the gelatin in the capsules instead of the actual Omega-3’s?

They have Algae omega-3’s that are similar to Fish Oil but you may also be allergic to them as well. It’d be worth looking up.

nah i’ve heard before of people being allergic to salmon and sardine type fish whilst they are able to eat tuna, something to do with the altitude at which they swim or some shit, and Fish oil, is made from salmon oil i believe,