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Allergic to Egg White Protein?


So I ordered casein/whey/egg white protein mixture from true protein and I tried it last night before bed...also took my Flameout/evening primrose oil...

10 minutes later I was doubled over in stomach pain and then spent the rest of night puking up nasty protein and fish oil. Worse than drinking too much alcohol by far....

Protein powder like Metabolic Drive agrees very well with me, and I can eat egg whites with no problem. I have celiac disease but have no symptoms and besides, the protein mixture is gluten free.

Anyone else have this problem with egg white protein?


Feel free to send me your unused protein.


How can you narrow it down to the egg white protein when you consumed 5 different things at once?

There's no way you can be sure that it wasn't one of the other ingredients, maybe just in a form or from a source that you don't react well to.


Well I take Flameout and evening primrose every night before bed along with Metabolic Drive, and feel great. Metabolic Drive contains casein and whey. My other mixture contains casein, whey, and egg white protein.

Maybe I'm oversimplifying but I think that everything is a controlled variable besides the EW protein.

BTW Nitrean gave me issues before and I had forgotten about it when I bought this, so in that respect I am an idiot.

Oh well.