Allergic to Artificial Sweeteners

I recently had surgery on my left elbow to remove scare tissue in my left elbow from a old football injury, and had to where a hard cast for 6 months. I didn’t do the right thing and keep walking or minimal workout and gained about 10 pounds from 175 lb.

I was going to physical therapy after the cast was taken off then proceeded back to the gym to start getting back into shape. I never did take protein shakes, or supplements before but was trying to get back in shape faster and get the necessary protein to workout efficiently.

I started taking GNC Pro Performance Wheybolic Extreme 60 twice a day and was eating and drink right by always selecting the low fat items or no calorie drinks. But, found my self having extreme upset stomach and headaches.

After about 2 months I came to the conclusion I was allergic to artificial sweeteners. I went to the doctor two times and I stop taking the GNC protein shake, but was still having the upset stomach. Then I decided to go back to the diet that I had prior (not eating the so call health foods and zero calorie drinks) and my stomach returned to normal.

But, I still didn’t know the reason until one day I a zero drink (I think it was a Sobe, or flavored water) and sure enough less than an hour later my stomach hurt. Thats when I realized I was allergic to the artificial sweeteners.

My question is what good protein shakes are out there that doesn’t have artificial sweeteners. I was just at GNC and it seemed that everything had artificial sweeteners. Also does any one have any other ideas to a diet program because it will be difficult trying to get the necessary protein eating simple foods?

I think your assumption that you’re allergic to all artificial sweeteners might not be correct. A lot of foods and some drinks can cause bloating with me, especially cheap protein powders, but I can take a packet of Splenda or Nutrasweet w/o a problem.

Have you tried consuming either of these on their own?

Yes I have tried having splenda with a cup of coffee and I did get a upset stomach. I have even noticed it chewing gum. I used to chew juicy fruit gum and my wife had bought a big pack of trident whiting gum and the first ingredient was Sorbital.

Sorbitol is a little bit difference. Regardless, you can generally find some ‘unflavoured and unsweetened’ whey protein. Tends to be relatively basic but it’s definitely doable.

I like “Designer Whey” - it has sucralose (Splenda) but not much as the stuff is nearly tasteless.

I have seen several Milk & Egg proteins out there that have nothing for a sweetener, but then typically don’t have the “well rounded” supplement profile of your “pre-mixes”. Gives me (lots of) wicked farts tho… consider a Beano chaser.

My sister developed an adult allergy to aspartame - started with headaches, ended with her being catatonic for 3 days as the Docs warned us that she possibly had a brain aneurysm. Crazy stuff (I was seriously preparing to have one less sister). She was drinking a 12-pack of diet Coke a day… They were just about to bore a hole in her skull when they finally decided to examine her diet… bingo.

Good luck.


just make your own

purchase unflavoured whey and add the sugars yourself-easy and cheap as chips

[quote]johnny-longtorso wrote:
I like “Designer Whey” - it has sucralose (Splenda) but not much as the stuff is nearly tasteless.

I think Metabolic Drive is flavored with sucralose as well. You may want to give it a try as I tend to have problems with Nutrasweet, but not with Sucralose.

In my experience, Metabolic Drive tastes and works a lot better than Designer.