Allergic Reaction to Test Enanthate

A little update. after 2 and a half weeks on 80mg / week test enanthate i started to have very itchy hard warm red lumps under skin. Freaked out a bit after first lump, thought it was an infection but then 2 other lumps started to show from two last injections.

I would be very unlucky to have 3 infections spot unless theres some bacteria in the vial which is not very likely since its pharma grade and i do wipe everything with alcool swabs.

Anyway i called the pharmacist who told me its probably allergic reaction maybe to the sesame oil. Endo doesnt work this week. So i went to the doctor this morning to get a test cyp in cotton oil script. At first he told me he wouldnt prescribe anything cause knows nothing about trt. He also said he wasnt sure if it was infection or allergy so ill keep an eye on it. I dont have fever for now.

After i explained everything to him and insisting i finally got my test cyp script. So far 3 hours after injection of cyp it looks o.k. ill be taking benadryl 4 times a day till lumps goes away. Anybody have experienced such symptoms?

Not often but certainly not unknown. Years ago, all products were oil, testosterone ester and 0.9% benzyl alcohol as a bacteriostatic preservative. Now they cannot leave well enough alone and chemists seem to be needing to prove that they are of service and are adding other shit that only increases opportunity for things to go wrong for those who are vulnerable. Once you find a product that works for you, find out about everything that is in the vial and try to not to switch products. Pharmacies tend to treat these as generic and products can change, whatever is cheaper or available. Be suspect of any product introducing new substances. It can be hard to find out what is in these vials. Not even oils are standardized now as before. T cyp used to always be cotton seed oil, may not be now.

Yep ill be watching ingredients too… Now its test cyp in cotton oil 100mg per ml. After a day i dont seem to have any sign of allergic reaction and thats a good thing because there is not so many test products here in quebec.

Also, lumps are not so red anymore but it still itch like hell and warm to touch.

Update for those who could have an allergic reaction: after a week, huge lumps still there about 2 in x 2 in. Not warm to touch anymore. Still itchy but alot less. Switching to cotton oil cyp seems to have solved the problem.

try to get 200mg/ml and introduce half of the oil

Id like to but thats the only test cyp vial they had lol