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Allergic Reaction to Test-E?

Any vets here (rainjack, bushy, etc) have any ideas on this? I posted yesterday with “injection pain” as the title. I’m starting to think I may be allergic to an ingredient in the Test E preparation (so does the maker of advanced stealth).

The last three labs I have tried have all turned out the same (Organon redijects, Eco Oils, and Advanced Stealth): quite a bit of prolonged pain in the area, about 3-5 days. All of the other guys I have talked to that have used Advanced Stealth products have not had any pain with their injections.

I have never experienced this before, but I haven’t injected anything in over 5 years. I am ready to start this cycle, have all the necessary ancillaries. Any help would be much apreciated. Thanks guys.

Anyone else here try Advanced Stealth yet? It’s not a very high concentration of Test E (250mgs/ml), but there might be a bit too much BA, which could be the problem. Do you think adding some sterile grapeseed oil or the like might help?

hard to say. what volume are you injecting in one shot?

as for the enanthate, it is painful in concentrations above 200mg/mL regardless of BA concentration. the BA will leach quick and the test will crystallize. this is very likey the cause of your pain.

another member of this board tried making his own TE at 250 with low BA, it hurt. when he knocked it down to 200 it was painless. my recommendation is you try some 200mg/mL to see itf it hurts before worrying about other stuff. some people are just more sensitive to injection pain, you may be one of them.

I’m not sure about the effect of concentration on pain, b/c I am currently running Test E @ 300mg/ml with a BA of 2.5% with no pain whatsoever, not even my first injection which took place last week. :slight_smile:

My frist instance with Prop was a bit painful, but the pain subsided after the first couple of injections. It could be the quality of the gear, in addition to individual reactions with gear in general.