Allergic Reaction to Surge?

Wondering if anybody has had any sort of allergic reaction to Surge?

I took my first dose today & have had lots of pins and needles all over my body, like I fell asleep on my arm - but all over. Has anybody else experienced something similar?

Is the recommended dosage for Surge is the sort of thing you need to slowly work your way up to?

Very likely the beta-alanine in the product.

I’d base the dosage on bodypart, how well you’re recovering, and total carb allotment for the day. For instance, maybe legs needs 3 scoops but chest needs 2. Personally, I get all I need out of 1 scoop, but assess your own soreness and rate of gain.

@SBT any additional thoughts?


Appreciate the tag, but you covered everything!

The tingling is definitely the beta-alanine. It’s a very common occurrence. I know some people are more sensitive to it, and I’m honestly not sure if building a tolerance to it is a thing, but I rarely notice it anymore.

I feel like the only time I notice any tingling sensation is if I drink a Spike too quickly. And then I notice lots of things. :joy:


Just needed to know if I should run to the hospital for an epinephrine shot…

Thanks, gents.

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