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Allergic Reaction Or Test Flu?

Hello All,
This is my 2nd week of 200mg/week of Test Cyp 160mg/ Test Prop 40mg per mL in grapeseed oil. I inject twice weekly every 3.5d with 100mg of test. 28g to pull, 25g 1in to ijnect.

I am not taking an AI or HCG.

I have injected IM for a total of 5 times, 4 times in the glutes, and 1 time in the delts.
After five injections, my first 2 injections were fine,
however, my previous 2 injection sites had swollen with a lump and has became red and itchy. I switched to injecting in the delts and 24 hours later I had the same reaction. After my 4th injection I had severe nasal congestion and felt flu like symptoms such as a fever followed by coughs and have been extremely tired. I’d figure I could not be injecting deep enough as I only inject about 1/2 inches in.

Any thoughts?
Thank you

Have you read these stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections

Cough suggested T injected into vein that causes cough when oil hits the lungs.

T is absorbed IM at any depth or SC.

Sounds like you are injecting non-pharma T. Inflammation may be related to that.

You never responded to:

  • Thyroid: Body temperatures are the bottom line.
  • Are you doing the reading that I suggested?

Thank you KSman for always helping all of us out!

I have carefully read all of the stickies on the board, I ruled out thyroid because I do take lugol’s iodine every morning and my labs have shown my thyroid reading around 1. My T is compounded and prescribed by a doctor, so do you think it could be the oil carrier causing my reaction?

Yes, could be the oil. Ask to try T cyp only and see how you react. This has been cotton seed oil based, but I now see that some are with sesame seed oil. So you need to be aware what you are using. Try for pharma brand, not compounded T cyp. You do not need two different T esters, so simplify and reduce number of variables that are causing welts.

We never see “Test Flu” on this forum, until now.

You can also inject SC and see what happens. At least then, muscles will not be inflamed.

Thank you KSman I will try for T Cyp only in sesame oil. Today my lumps have increased to roughly about 5 inches and is extremely red on all 3 sites. I am seeing if benadryl will help my symptoms

That large, probably hot. Suggests something severe or possible bacterial event.
The compounder may be worried if you inform them.