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Allergens to Milk and Wheat: Soy?

Recently I had some blood work done to test for allergies, and both milk and wheat came up. Milk is easy to avoid, as is cheese, but I don’t have a good post workout meal solution. Metabolic Drive mixed with water gives me nasty gut rot. Eating solid food along with it seems to cut down on the severity, but still not acceptable. As a male, I’ve always tried avoid soy, any ideas?

Surge could be a great supplement for post workout.

How about Whey protein? Blend some Grow! with some yogurt (are you allergic to this?), frozen fruit and water. Pretty good post workout MRP.

Im in a similar situation. I take Surge with water, but i still have my oatmeal with soy milk. I am wondering if such a small amount of soy is that bad? maybe i will start forcing myself to have my oats with water…

also i dont want to give up cottage cheese!

There is not enough scientific evidence for folks to completely avoid soy. The phytoestrogens don’t appear to significantly affect serum T levels free or bound in most studies I’ve seen in particular one from 2001:

Nutr Cancer. 2001;41(1-2):41-6.Links
Soy milk intake in relation to serum sex hormone levels in British men.Allen NE, Appleby PN, Davey GK, Key TJ.

In fact the only studies I’ve seen that link soy intake with decreased Testosterone are those with patients awaiting prostatectomy due to prostate cancer. There are several studies that actually link soy isoflavone intake with reduced PSA. Just goes to show you that you can “prove” any side of an arguement. The evidence however shows us that soy may not be as bad as we want to believe.

That said, soy protein obviously is not the optimum protein for protein synthesis. Whey and casein have been shown superior in the literature, but then you have to deal with the potential effects of the whey and casein itself as both are milk products and some seem to have sensitivities to them.

I think one of the coaches on here just wrote that he eats a ton of soy and he isn’t growing man boobs. I would tend to agree with his anecdotes and support it with the evidence.

How about egg protein?



Thanks for the advice everyone. Planning to pick up and try some egg protein today.