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Allen Baria Benching


While he may strictly be a powerlifter, this benching is done how bodybuilders would usually bench. My question is have you ever seen anything so impressive when it comes to benching...?


Doesn't even seem to bother him rofl

Light weight !



I don't see how that's not a Powerlifter Style of benching...


that was awesome, he looked so good at 600+lbs. two amazing displays of raw benching.


Shame he's a Giants fan though


well whatever it may be

bodybuilders bench that way because you keep constant tension on the pecs

also, theres no big arching


I dont think you understood.


Kyle, not all powerlifters bench with a big arch. He's also keeping his elbows tucked, and not flaring his arms out. You may not see the leg drive, but it's there.


just sayin, thats also how bodybuilders bench.

no lock out to keep tension on pecs/avoid strain on elbows

im not saying he doesnt use an arch, even bodybuilders use an arch, but it just isnt as big as you typically see from PLers.


Now THIS is raw benching.


He thanks the lift off! Lol "Thank you very much."


ive been looking for that vid



i aint the best by cheat technique


That's a HEAVY bench for lots of reps - I don't care what style he uses, it's not south paw as in boxing or whatever, he lifts the thing and lifts it a lot of times - that guy is strong and resistant.


"alot of times i have to tone my workout down...for my spotters"

freekin hilarious




His response to one of the posts on you tube,

"Actually I tore the sternal head of my left pec in March and have not really gone heavy since. I have recently done triples with 585 but am reluctant to go much heavier unequipped as I tore it with 635. I am half heartedly attempting to get the weight back up to par. I put more vids out once I get there. Thanks for the view and comment!"

Don't flame me for asking but, is there a threshold that the body can handle?


I have heard there are thresholds for the body. This does not mean alot however. Before Andy Bolton broke 1000 lbs on the deadlift, I heard there was a study that showed the human spine could not handle more than ~950lbs. Obviously Bolton never got that memo. I imagine there is a limit to what the pecs can handle as well. I mean, the raw bench does not seem to be going anywhere fast. I'm sure others can clarify this.