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Alleged Health Risks


Did a search on casein and found some links that allege health issues connected to the cosumption of casein:



Of coarse one has to take into consideration the parameters of the studies (subjects- usually animals, quantity of product and how this quantity reflects real world human consumption, etc.) that determine that milk protein is potentially dangerous.

I consume casein pretty regularly (both in food and supplement). Not scared, but thought this was interesting.....



I've covered this previously:



I don't trust any site that doesn't explicitly show their stance. Where is their 'about us' section explaining that they are vegetarians promoting vegetarianism (is that a word?)? Why do they try to hide it? I'd be more inclined to believe them if they gave their angle, instead of trying to deceive me into thinking that they are unbiased.


Note that that site is trying to sell ball-shrinking soy protein. Alas, you are a new member - so I'll give you a pass. do a search for soy and see what you come up with!


Whoops looked at wrong profile. Shadow - you been here long enough to know better.