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All You'll Hear About in 2009


I am a regular reader of Tom Venuto and Mike Robertson.

This morning they both were raving about the Fat Loss Troubleshoot Package, so I decided to take a look at the page, after I saw Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike, and Tony Gentilecore supporting it I was sold.

I have to say I had some expectations but it far exceeded anything I could have imagined. It is worth the money if you want to understand what you are doing. I think it is great for beginners or advanced.

Want to get Ripped fucking buy this shit now.



"Fat Loss is not an opinion, There is only one way to get there."

shit, i'm sold on this product.


Funny - both of you guys have registered rather recently, have vacant profiles and 0 purchases. Just sayin'..


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Yea, there is only one way to get there: eat healthy and exercise.


That'll be $77 folks. And you didn't even have to open a book. So actually for the "ease factor" I'm adding another $7. That'll be $84 folks.


what's your paypal?


I recently heard of some diet... started with a letter or something....

"V" something or other... I... just... can't... place... the... name...


I should be at least level 2 by now. How long does it take to update anyway?


There's been some funkyness with "Levels" for a while now, as discussed in the Tech Support Forums. My level has gone down to zero at times and many of the purchases don't show up in purchase history.

I don't know why folks who post lay so much weight on how much someone has purchased as if buying $1000 worth of Spike Shooters somehow makes you more qualified to post on anything-- seems kind of retarded. As a corollary, there are folks here who have upwards of thousands of posts (the SAMA and GAL warriors) who have not added shit to the bodybuilding, nutrition, or strength topics (ie anything useful).



My post was meant to be sarcastic. I thought the line "fat loss is not an opinion" was just ridiculously obvious... so I commented.

its like:
"hey curt, can i get your opinion on something?"
"oh sure, my opinion is 'fat loss'".


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Sorry then, Curt.

SteelyD, in this case, I take a "level 0" to mean that an account may have been created just to advertise a product, as no money has been spent from it. J Boy has only been around since December, and the whole post seems like a sham.


Yeah, your FAT arse, tubby!!



If you have drank 1,000 Spike Shooters, then you have probably drank more than me. But only by a hundred or two... I'm getting there. And when I do, level 5 will greet me with open arms... even if my first few hundred purchases were at GNC. =\


Leigh is one of the very small handful of folks in this industry who actually puts out quality material.


I feel like there's a lot to gain from reading a [good] book versus a slew of isolated articles and studies. Given the expert testimonials I'm kinda interested...but not for that price.


I was thinking the same thing.

With those testimonials, I feel like I could definitly learn something, but I'm still on the fence for buying it.


I am not a spammer if that is what you are implying. I have a different account that I have bought stuff with too just for the record.

As for the book, don't get me wrong I like T-Nation and some of the articles are great but a lot of the posters here got it backwards about what to do for fat loss and training. The myths are addressed in this book.

It isn't like Leigh is a nobody. I say interviews with Tom Venuto, Mike Robertson, got an email from Charles Staley, Alwyn Cosgrove, and fuck Alan Aragon, the man who never backs anyone without reason backed Leigh.

Beyond that it is a good product. 77 bucks for two full length books and audio? Hello? Do you know what you are paying for fish oil?

I make no money, I get nothing for it. It is just damn good and a breath of fresh air.


It kind of does look like you are promoting it a tad bit.
Neways, if its a really good book, I guess someone will be nice enough to upload an e-book torrent :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm interested to know more about this before parting with my money. $77.00 USD is quite expensive for a couple of e-books that don't appear to have been proof read (if the website is any indication). However, if the content is solid than it becomes a minor issue.

I am also a fan of Tom Venuto. I have read his "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" e-book and am a member of his "Burn the Fat Inner Circle". With that being said, how does the "Fat Loss Troubleshoot" e-book excel in comparison to others, J Boy?