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All You New Guys Listen to Ksman!


I realize this is not the most appropriate thing to post since I don't have a question nor a problem at the moment.
I really want to emphasize the fact that experience is the best teacher and taking Ksman's advice in the first place would have saved me alot of money and trouble.

I was at first put on 2 week injections of 320mg cypionate. I experienced extreme highs/aggitation/nervousness followed by lows near the end of my 2 weeks. My Doc switched me to every ten days at 220mg cypionate. My levels on day ten came back higher than expected, above 500 on injection day and I still didn't feel happy or in my "sweet spot"
I was told to try 200 every 10. I took Ksmans advise and tried more frequent injections. I cut my dosage to 100mg every 5 days. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. No spikes so that I am irritated, an virtually no lows. I have never to this dae had acne, but I did experience bloating on the higher dosages, but seemed to go away on my every 5th day schedule. My hemoglobin was also at the highest point of normal before but has dropped since my change in frequency of injections.
I know Ksman prefers more frequent injections than what I tried, I just needed a little bit of proof.
I am also experimenting with Im AND sub Q mixture and will let you know what I find.