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All You Need to Bulk Your Chest


Bench press,dumbell press and incline bench press is all you need if you want to bulk your chest.

i been doing machine work outs for a long time and i have not noticed any growth in the chest at that time as soon as i started doing the three i mentioned my chest seemed to be growing every workout!!!free weights work alot better then any machine work outs but thats not a secret.

on bench try to increase 1rm so do low reps heavy weight

on dumbell press try to do as much weight as possible in the 6-8 rep range

on incline press do somewhere around 6-8 also

just trowing my two cents in.


Drugs are bad, mk


no they help you relax =-)


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Counterpoint...if you're doing inclines and such like you should be, switching to some of those machines can stimulate new growth, too.


Maybe you overtrained on the machines and needed different simulation to give those "machine muscles" a rest?

I'm just playin' devils advocate on this one, :wink:


The Tyson avatar seems kind of fitting somehow...


thank you


I think someone's random thought turned into a thread again...


he got ostracized from combat sports...


Seriously though, i dated a chick and all she needed to bulk her chest was a boob job. She got one. And soon after dumped me.


Beginner section.

This ain't it.


im calling bullshit. all you need is "perfect pushups"




"WTF" indeed....


Fo' realz yo




I am so proud I can now be associated with this info, given to us by another 09er.

I'll go to the gym and try this, tomorrow i'll be big like BaBuff


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