All You Can Eat: DAMAGE Control

Hi guys,

This question will surely makes you laugh and sounds stupid but here it is :

I’ve been invited to an All you can eat buffet for a family reunion and I was wondering what is the best thing to do to limit the damage…

  • Should I train before the meal so my body would probably better assimilate a higher carbs intake?

  • Should I do a big cardio session before and do not train near this meal since it could interfere too much with my workout?

  • Is there anything I could take before the meal to reduce my appetite?

any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

If stuffing your face with junk doesn’t fit with your current goals then why not just pick healthy foods and sensible portions.

If you’d rather not do that, I don’t think it matters. One meal won’t make or break anything with respect to your diet and physique.

Jared is right, it’s just one meal. However, here’s what I’d do:

*Eat the expensive highest quality meats first.
*Eat the nicest fruits and vegitables
*Repeat until full
*Once you’re starting to feel full, eat a little starch/dessert.

This will ensure that you get good quality nutrients, and because you’ll be full before you eat starches/dessert, you won’t totally blow it.

[quote]grimskunk wrote:

I’ve been invited to an All you can eat buffet for a family reunion and I was wondering what is the best thing to do to limit the damage…

Thanks a lot.

Self control.

Down a big, big amount of water right before.

I, on the other hand, eat my face off and worry about it later. If you normally stick to your diet, one meal won’t kill you.

Yeah, if your concerned about overeating, exercise a little self control.

It all comes down to what’s more important to you – your physique or a little instant gratification through food.

Besides, there’s probably no reason you can’t enjoy yourself while eating intelligently. Just choose your selections wisely.

Eating an apple and some protein an hour before might help as well.

Oh! very interessting advices guys. I really appreciate.

The think is I am usually very strict with my diet all week long except for 1 cheat meal on saturday. But when I go in a buffet and see the variety of food…pasta, rice, and so on… I just freak out and start eating as much as I can and taste everything.

But the tip of starting eating protein+veggies and fruits may help controlling this and help to feel fullfiled rapidly without eating too much bad foods and sugars.

[quote]grimskunk wrote:
any suggestions?[/quote]

You know, every single meal could be all you can eat assuming you are not a broke mother f*cker. How much would you normally eat? How about one big salad plate and one big plate of meat and veggies. That’s probably more than normal, but it’s not going to kill you.

This is way anal though. I suggest going for gusto. Eat as much as humanly possible. Then, when you feel like a fat, guilty, ashamed woman (think PP), you will have something bad to remember and thus deter future binges.

Do you have an eating disorder?