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All You Can Eat Buffet


you guys have been caught



It's ok, I can blend in with staff and still stay the whole day.
U mad brah?


This is what I listen to before going to a buffet to get pumped up!

On a side note, the fat boys no longer seem that fat by today's standards.


One time I was walking down my street and there was a 350lb 15 year-old black kid with a sign "ALL YOU CAN DRINK LEMONADE FOR 10 CENTS"

So I gave him ten cents and had a cup then asked for another since it was one of those small Dixie cups.

He said no, then pointed at the cup, "That's all you can drink for ten cents now get fucked!"


Man, it would have taken every last shred of decency I had to not go on a race rant if I was in that situation.


Honest question but are you a skinhead or something? I'm asking 'cuse I've notice a lot of your posts seem to focus in on race.




It's a hairstyle, but yeah he racist.


I do shave my hair down to the scalp on a biweekly basis and yes the majority of my posts are race based. I've left several clues during my time here that it's a joke, some people have picked up on it and still run with the idea that I'm a Neo-Nazi as a gag and others are left scratching their head.

For the record, I am not a racist but I think it's delightful that people think I am and I will continue to keep up that charade. I hate no man or woman because of the colour of their skin, I hate them because they are human beings aka I hate everyone equally aka I am a social misantrope






I just texted that to all my diabetic friends. Thanks


Yup ^^ Vegan!!

Dude eat some red meat and you won't be so hostile.


The best part is, it's written in Chinglish!



Whenever I hit the buffet with my dad's side of the fam, they change the price when we leave. Awesome


When the chef comes out, takes his hat off, and shakes his head at the desolation you know you've won.




Ha! I'm a meme =)


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