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All You Blast and Cruisers, I Want Some Final Input. I'm Doing It

Alright guys, I’m done having this argument in my head and I’ve been convinced PCTing for me is an unhealthy waste of time since I’ll end up going back on right after anyways. I am deciding that at the end of this month I’m going to cruise for ten weeks @250mg/week test E. Now, I have 10,000 iU of HCG on hand, months worth of nolva, clomid, AI, proviron.

I want to have kids within two years from now. I have read academic research stating azoospermia is 100% reversible in AAS for young men and I have only done a few cycles anyway where I actually did allow roughly 6 months recovery, I just hate it and my quality of life and happiness and health are as good as ever on a mild blast.

What exactly can I do to keep my fertility in check during my cruise and keep the boys in order the best during a blast? I basically wanna be able to come off a year from now, or wheever the time may be and be able to work with a doc for a few weeks and have kids.

I’ve read about people using serms during a cruise to keep LH levels up, hcg will basically have to be taken ALWAYS and I’ve also read about using clomid during cruise or blasts and also having proviron in the blasts as well. I want this to be a really informative thread so all you veterans and science ended people lets get a good discussion going because im FINALLY happy with my decision and cant wait to do this as long as I can give myself the best chance at having kids and remaining happy with my lifestyle choice. THanks guys.

how old are you? Do you actually realise what a lifetime of self-prescribed testosterone therapy will entail?

edit: and what country are you in?

and what are your stats?

I do not understand why you are so confused.

Its clear cut;

Option 1: Do not use steroids until you have had children. - No risk of steroids interfering with fertility (unless you are already fucked)

Option 2: Use Testosterone based steroids with 8-12 week cycles, HCG @ 250iu 3x Per week, Adex at appropriate dose followed by a SERM PCT, Nolvadex @ 20mg ED, lasting 8 weeks. - Increased risk of fertility issues but would be pretty unlucky not to concieve within a year of finishing a cycle.

Option 3: Blast and Cruise with whatever the fuck you want. Throw in 19nor compounds. HCG @ 250iu 3x per week. Adex at appropriate dose. Increased risk of very long lasting fertility and natural testosterone production issues.

I have chosen option 3, I am happiest when making progress in the gym, I feel great. To me this is what life is about. I could live the healthiest life but get hit by a car or die from
cancer with a grieving family around me… However, I preach to others the correct and safest way to use steroids and also understand the risks involved. I use HCG but do not see myself wanting kids anytime soon… I am only 24, I could look back and say wtf did I do but I will get to thst bridge if it ever comes…

In terms of my b+c protocol, I blast on fast esters for 8 weeks then drop down to 250mg per week of test e for 12 weeks… I will plan to do a PCT after a vacation or through Christmas every year.

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  1. Young, I know. I’m a mature adult with a real job, I live on my own, self-sufficient, etc. Been lifting since 15 consistently, poor diet for the first 5 years but started at 113 pounds, I was a runner, and have been in the upwards of 225 as of last year. I just dieted down for 14 weeks as of now currently 5"10 185 and an honest 7-8% bf. I’m not so much into getting huge, if you look at the cycle I just ran and considering I was in a huge calorie deficit I made incredible changes over 14 weeks and prior to that was off for over 6 months completely. I could compete in physique confidently right now and probably whipe a local show. I love bodybuilding and actually do have low T because of pro hormone use (unintentional) when I was younger and things were never right. Even running test @ 200 improves my mood and function as well as mentality completely. Im in the US. Bench tap n’ go is 330. Squat even with hernia is around 365 and deadlift is in the mid 400s. Should be noted, when I talk about blasting, I’ll never be using anything but test, mast, var, provi, and maybe NPP. I wont ever use tren, eq, anadrol, or any of the “harsher” drugs. Like I said, a lot of serious thought went into this and before being bashed for being young I wanted to relay that Im going to be doing this either way and just want to get the best and most honest proper advice that I can.

I get what you’re saying and I appreciate your input but you’re still ignoring my question and main point. This isn’t something Im choosing between its being able to do both. Tons of pro BBers have kids and thats not by chance, there are smart ways to do this. Thats why instead of bashing Im just trying to get the honest answer of veterans about maintaining or atleast giving yourself the best chance at being fertile down the line. HCG and/or serm use planned accordingly…possible once a year PCT like yourself? THese are the things Im looking for if that makes sense. Freezing sperm even? Im looking for anything here lol.

a SERM isn’t gonna help while “on.” i think we’ve debunked that sufficiently here in the past couple months…


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No I am addressing your point…

Yes I think it is possible to have kids after heavy steroid use for years and whilst using HCG…


That is it. Its up to you if you want to take that risk or not and it is clear that you do.

So go ahead, B+C, enjoy it, but then dont wine like a bitch if you fuck yourself up for a while… HOPEFULLY it will be all be good and when you come off you HOPEFULLY will be fertile…

Or, you could not use steroids/cycle responsibly and your chances of having kids in the near future will HOPEFULLY still be good…


Makes sense. I like that answer the best so far because I agree that there is no certainty here. With that being said it looks like staying away from some of the heavier suppresive compounds might make things easier. Possibly coming off once a year for a few months. Not over doing it on the blasts and keeping the cruises long. HCG year round at 250iu m/w/f?

I think you’re a moron, but whatever. It’s your life.

This doesn’t work as cyco said. LGS provided recent bloodwork in this forum to show that taking a SERM with exogenous testosterone did nothing for LH levels. You can use HCG as a LH analogue but you must understand that the pituitary is shut down still. You cannot avoid this.

Then choosing to B&C could end up being the biggest mistake of your life - Why risk it?

nothing you can do to guarantee this. As andy has explained you are rolling the dice regardless when using anabolics - choosing to B&C is just deciding to take the route that is the most harmfull to fertility. Again why do this is you want to have kids?

Liking answers because you agree with them suggests issues with your own critical thinking skills, as does choosing to b&c if you want kids in a few years.

You never revealed you age as far as i can see…

One other thing…

Lets say you do decide to blast and cruise now for 18months, make some great progress etc.

Now its time to have kids, so you are coming off everything, even TRT, for however long it takes to conceive. Let’s say this takes 12 months.

All that progress you made has now gone so best case scenario your girl is pregnant and you are back to where you started a few years ago.

worst case scenario - you can’t conceive, lose all your gains trying and your relationship falls apart cos you cant have kids.

Why do you want to b&c now rather then waiting until after having kids?