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All Women are Lesbians


what do you think?

my thesis:

in the year 2009 there is an ever growing trend of women being attracted to feminine looking and feminine behaving pseudeo-men.

guys who naturally have softer facial features resembling that of a woman seem to be the new 'it' thing that girls want. these men also tend to be extremely thin, while this doesn't play to feminine physical qualities such as breats and wide hips it does put these men at the furthest point from being muscular which is a typical masculine quality.

in addition there also seems to be a growing trend for these men who have said qualities to take it a step further by engaging in another typical female trait, using making up and spending excessive amounts of time with hair styling.

i dont have any statistics but its a theory ive been pondering/playing with.

i may end up doing something serious, possibly a study for school this semester about abnormal sexual behavior in terms of homosexuality and pseudo-homosexuality which is a term i am inventing as to describe the above phenomena of taking interesting in partners of opposite sex who resemble typical traits of same sex.

pseudo-sexuality isn't limited to only women who are attracted to men who appear as more feminine but also to men who are attracted to women who appear as masculine, i.e, female bodybuilders with increased muscle mass, deepened voice, and stronger (masculine) facial features


I have a theory that all women secretly want to be pornstars, and in 20-30 years or so, about 70-80% of all females will be doing porn or will have been in a porn flick.

I think your theory about lesbianism rings true as well. But I think it's more along the lines of all women wanting to be strippers or pornstars.

I also think that the internet age has been responsible for this trend. It's easier than ever to film porn, publish it on the web, and become a overnight sensation.

Now you have all these chicks that want to be pornstars because of the attention it brings them from both men and women. Plus they can actually make money doing it.


I've read a study where women always prefered more feminine faced men, unless they were ovulating, then they preferred more masculine physical features.

I also just did some google searching and it appears there is a lot more data on this subject. It seemed that the more fertile a women was, the more she preferred the masculine traits. I don't know the metric they used to measure fertility. These women also preferred these men for short term vs. long term relationships.

Its interesting, and I be interested in hearing about some socio-cultural explanations for it vs. the more evolutionary, like perhaps women used to prefer masculinity due to life being a lot tougher than it is now and needing a man for protection, hunting, etc vs now wanting someone more feminine who is not inclined to cheat and has no problem kissing a lot of ass in the workplace so that they remain employed.


Some points...

I don't know many women attracted to feminine dudes. In fact, when I hear girls say celebrities they think are 'hot' it's usually "George Clooney". Girls are mostly attracted to men's personality/confidence, so a guy that spends time styling his hair too much is usually a turn off.

I will say, however, that most girls I know admit to having a homosexual experience (usually in college), not necessarily sex but at least kissing. These women are straight. Nothing wrong with it, but you wouldn't see a straight guy doing that.

Also the point about men attracted to women who are masculine, at least for me, that is NOT true. I can appreciate an athletic looking girls but female bodybuilders are not attractive to me.


Are you looking into the psychology field as a career Live?


I hate when people misuse the word "theory"


Another 'waste of server space' thread.


I went on some online dating site last week...and no shit about 80% of the females put bisexual in sexual preference over straight. The trend of bi girls has definately increased tenfold over the last few years.


a few things come to mind...1, nice attempt at using some witty title like a T-Nation article would use...2, you've been spending too much time here...and 3, who freakin cares. find something better to do with your time, like getting a girlfriend. that way you won't care what others do.


i said thesis

i hate when people lack reading comprehension.


im not saying men are indefinitely attracted to masculine featured females, im saying the ones who are are "pseudo-sexual"


not indefinitely but i'll be taking my third psychology course this semester and if i do well in it i may be more inclined to pursuing this field. the class im going to be taking, according to the course description, will have a lot more involvement with studies/experiments and preparation for the psychology field of work.

so i may base a paper on this topic

and if i pursue things further that paper may turn into a book

but as of now its all just speculation.


Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful.



Yeah every man likes chicks with dicks...? no? The "men like musculine women" part is bulls. sorry


what school do you attend


"i dont have any statistics but its a theory ive been pondering/playing with."

Are you sure about that??


I'm pretty sure that maybe 1 out of 100 men prefer a masculine women... not on T-Nation, but yeah - you get it! I am not talking about women that work out and have a good diet...


Women are all over the place in the looks department and trying to understand it is an act of futility.


sorry, i should have said hypothesis, i typed it at 3 am.

fucking petty semantic bullshit.


My post wasn't directed at you.

I hate when people thinks the whole world revolves around them.

Even if it's their thread.

Oh, and actually you did use the word theory.