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All weariness and no play makes soty a dull boy.

Ok, plain and simple (should I even be asking such a question?), my recovery time right now is crap. Any advice other than the usual drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, and keep up those protein shakes to get me going faster? My work-out is five days a week right now primarily focusing on strength and bulking up in general, with 1 leg day in it. I find that I’m super fatigued when I follow this and I feel like shit, could be partly my diet…but…anyways…

I need some advice either in the form of products, articles, or just what workes for you to get yourself burning.


Could you be uhum… more specific? How are composed your training days? How much volume? Training to failure? What’s your diet like? Are you using ergogenic aids? Recovery methods?

I’m waiting for more details,

Without knowing what type of 5 day a week workout you have been doing and for how long it is hard to give an accurate response to your problem.

Having said that it sounds to me like you have been assaulting your upper body 4 days a week and your lower body only once…Doing this will lead to burnout or a gains hault in most individuals.

Give your self a break on the volume for a few weeks and follow a MWF 5x5 routine.

i sent you an email about this but here goes. Your volume is way too high. YOu are doing good mornings the day after you squat. take a week off while reading everything Ian King has written. Then start on his basic program at the beginner level and you wont be sorry.

I found I had a similar problem months ago (though since you lack details in your message it may not be all that similar). Anyways, here’s what I did.

Old training split
5 days
M: Chest/back (sometimes arms as well)
T: Legs
W: Arms/Shoulders
R: Chest/back
F: Legs

I found this rough…so I went to a four day split

M: Quad dominant and calves (ie. no hams)
T: Arms/Shoulders
W: off
R: Chest/Back
F: Ham dominant and calves (ie. no quad)

Right now I’m back to a 5 day split, and am having no problems…

M: Quad dominant
T: Bi’s/Back
W: Chest/Back
R: Ham dominant
F: Shoulders/Bi’s

(I’m trying to focus on thickening my Bi’s so I do them twice a week).

I’ve found my recovery is way way better. In fact sometimes I have to hold back not to work the other body parts again, since I’m trying to focus on one thing for now.

Quoted: Right now I’m back to a 5 day split, and am having no problems…

M: Quad dominant
T: Bi’s/Back
W: Chest/Back
R: Ham dominant
F: Shoulders/Bi’s

Quote end.

My program is quite similar

Goldberg, thanks, it makes good sense when you say that my program’s volume is too high. I should really concentrate on a four day split right now with less volume. Like I said to you but didn’t mention on this forum, I didn’t make the routine, so I’ll congolmerate with my partner and I’ll bring more results to this thread.

ciao for now,

Drink Surge!!! I used to think it wasn’t that big of a deal, UNTIL I TRIED IT!! I never feel sore anymore the day after a workout. Shell out the money, it is worth it.