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All Very Confusing. What's Next?

Hello everyone- all advice apricated
44yrs old UK male , relatively fit and healthy male. I have been suffering from the following below for around 2 years

• Fatigue, feeling drained and short of breath
• Feel like a 70yr old physically no energy
• Weak physically
• Fuzzy blurry feeling all the time
• No personal drive, general excitement
• No confidence, very low self esteem
• Tired – require sleep, can fall asleep anytime
• Professional work output down at least 70%
• Want to sleep late afternoon
• Stressed / anxious
• Limited /No interest in anything… stopped making an effort to socialise
• Really affecting me, my marriage and my professional life as I feel like I’m giving up and even though I know an unable to change it or care too much
• Massively slower mindset
• No libido/ functions
• No desire to have a libido
• Irritable
• Lack of interest in conversation or anything that requires attention span
• Lack of appetite
• Very low mood permanently
• Very pessimistic
• weight gain and lower food intake

Couple of years, tried diet, exercise, anti-depressants CBD products

I have had 2 tests first test came back from 2pm test as 6.0 nmol/L ( 173 NGDL ?)
Second Test came back at 8 am as 9.5 nmol/L ( 274 NH/DL?)

Am I correct in thinking this is still very low and an contributing factor to the above as the NORMAL RANGE the NHS have placed on the test is (8.4 - 28.7 nmol/L )

I am guessing I am going to have a fight on my hands with them ?

best regards

You are in range. That’s not to say its not low, it is, but you are right that you will have to fight to make progress.

Your options are to push very hard, or ask for another test to confirm and ‘cheat’ it. consuming a lot of fats and sugars before the blood draw can apparently significantly reduce serum T levels.

Thank you for the response

Would you recommend Private due to symptoms

Your symptoms sounds pretty typical for low T. I wouldn’t say go private for the different quality of treatment, or that they’d better manage your symptoms, but If you really can’t get anywhere on the NHS then I would personally go the private route. I think you have a good chance via the NHS if you are persistent and clever about it.

Thanks fella really appreciate your taking the time to respond

No worries brotha, don’t think there are that many here from the UK dealing with the NHS. They’ve been fine, albeit slow, with my diagnosis and will probably end up on TRT later this year.

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Sucks man I have these and I was very low. Check thyroid , I just found you can have fatigue and fog from thyroid issues. Wish I had known that years ago

Hello Enackers, I had my Thyroid checked at the same time. this come back in range

with my second bloods at 8am it was just hitting their within range limits ( 8,5- 27 ) at 9,5 and the receptionist could wait to shout that they come back normal

her ignorance was annoying, but to be fair I knew nothing about this 6 months ago

So thyroid is known to change over hours from what I’ve read.

You are telling me it was high and the second test in morning was normal? Having Any side effects?. I still feel fatigued and brain fog 2 months into trt.

first bloods were low for testosterone 6.0nmol/L at ( 2pm).
Second slightly higher at 9.5 nmol/L ( 8 am )

Thyroid can back within parameters ( tested once )

The denial of healthcare coverage by insurance companies (or state funded healthcare) is based on the requirements to meet specific testosterone threshold, representing a transparent desire on the part of the state healthcare to deny treatment and thereby reduce costs. This cut off point wasn’t chosen not based on studies, but chosen to make it easier to deny treatment to save on healthcare costs and to treat those who are worse off.

These threshold for getting approved for TRT are quite low, it’s intentional because most doctors still believe TRT causes prostate cancer and there are just so many unknowns and that scares doctors into not wanting to prescribe TRT.

What many doctors don’t understand is the reference ranges are a guide and not a law of who gets treatment approved and who doesn’t, most doctors are idiots incapable of critical thinking and analytical thought process.

Without all that said, the NHS is isn’t a good choice hormone therapies, there’s too many restrictions placed on doctors to be able to think on their own, the guidelines is their bible and if it’s not in the guidelines it doesn’t exist. We haven’t even mentioned their lack of ability to even properly optimize you which is also lacking.

Yes, you are.

Yes, you’ll most likely need to find a TRT clinic, Men’s Clinic, Anti-aging clinic that is cash based and not working within the National Health Services pervue.

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That was an interesting read

Thanks Highblood

have you had the same issue and done this as a better/ quicker route