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All-Time Mr. Olympia


Suppose time travel were possible. Further suppose that using this technology, all of the past Mr. Olympia winners met on the same stage for an All-Time Mr. Olympia championship. Each is at the peak of his abilities. Who would the top three finishers be?

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big Lou Ferrigno
Sergio Olivia
Dr Franco Columbu

  1. Shawn Ray
  2. Flex Wheeler
  3. Serge Nubret


depends on what the judges are looking for...

but i'd say

Jay Cutler (2001 package)

not very imaginative I know..


Ferrigno never won.


Wait, I thought it was past winners only as in overall.


Dorian might outrank Heath


Sergio Oliva
Lee Haney
Dorian Yates



  1. Mike Katz
  2. Terry Crews
  3. The cast of Predator


Dorian Yates all day for #1. No one brought the same package of mass, density, conditioning, and proportions that he did.

2nd Ronnie
3rd Prime Jay


Mr. O physiques I think that would be amazing to see in a lineup:

'95 Yates (or '93, which while a little less polished, was just insane looking)
'03 Coleman
'09 Cutler

IMO these were the years that each former champion brought arguably their best packages in terms of overall size, shape, and especially conditioning.



99' Ronnie beats dorian any day of the week


Someone with some ability to get similar photos together (ie. Not the people who put the Phil v Kai photos together this year) needs to put some pose shots up.


Thing about dorian is, he never made mistakes when he was in his prime. I get the impression he knew what his competition was up to and just figured out how to come in better than them. If he knew he was up against ronnie he might've goten bigger than ever.

I cant really tell if ronnie was the same way though


dorian tore his bicep and his tricep tho

think it's safe to say he made some mistakes




99 Ronnie beats some versions of Dorian, sure, but no version of Ronnie beats this version of Yates

No matter how many times i watch this, it blows me away. He had the mass here to hang with Ronnie, and his density and seperation are the best anyone has ever presented.


Top three in no particular order: Sergio, Yates, Big Ron.

Ever accounting for the changed standards from back in the day (lower bodyweight and higher bodyfat on stage), Oliva's structure was just ridiculous.


^those are some great comparison shots. Sergio was special. Really incredible physique for any generation, but the fact that he did it when he did is all the more impressive. Obviously one of the most gifted bodybuilders of all time.

Ronnie and Dorian are my 2 favorite physiques, with a slight edge to Ronnie. I would put Cutler and Heath on the tier right below them. Maybe Kai and Haney on a 3rd tier...