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All this Iraq shit

Is anyone else out there as SICK TO FUCKING DEATH as I am about hearing about Iraq on this forum?!? For christ’s sake people, I know that this is Off-Topic, and I know that some of you have strong opinions about all that’s happened, but DAMN!!! Can’t you all just give it a fucking rest?!?

And yes, I’m talking primarily about Diesel23 and US=GG on the pro-US side, and the dozen or so regular posters on the con-US side. For pete’s sake. If you want to debate this ONE TOPIC ad infinitum, why don’t you go find a political board and do it there? Or at least PM each other to death? Spare the rest of us the pain. Please. This has become absolutely ridiculous.

char, just move to Switzerland, you damn fence-rider! :slight_smile:

I feel your pain.

Char-dawg as long as incidents like the ones that occurred on Tuesday take place,then sorry buddy but people will want to continue to talk about Iraq.

For those who did not hear,5 Military Policeman from the British Army were murdered when they tried to surrender to the Iraqi public.Each was executed with two shots to the head from close range.
With all respect,if you do not wish to read about such topics,then do not read the thread,there are plenty more to choose from.


Geeezus people, heed what he said. Puh-leeeeeze.

I agree with Zippy…Char dawg…you seem like a nice enough guy and all…and no one if forcing you to read those posts friend. When you start to berate people for voicing their opinions it seems like you are against free speech.


And this, Char, is why I luuuurve ya! :wink:

Seconding the author’s exasperation…

PtrDr - I highly doubt the char is opposed to the free expression of one’s self through speech. For one, he was just expressing his feelings that he’s sick and tired of the forum being overrun with these debates. He didn’t say they couldn’t post here; he was just tired of them doing so, when another forum would be more appropriate. (My wife and I could debate our sexual practices in the grocery store in our “outside voices”, but would that be appropirate, even though we have every right to?)

What’s wrong with these debates? Well, they’re political, which means each side stands as much of a chance of getting to the other side as a debate on religion, sports teams rivalries, and Pepsi vs. Coke, yet they still argue on, and on, and on…

I have no problem with defending your side of an argument, but it becomes quite childish when you feel compelled to repeatedly make your case to the same people.

Many of us are just tired at looking at them and having the “top 5” space filled up by multiple threads that boil down to one thing - who do you believe?

char once again proves that he is the MAN. :slight_smile:

While I think that Iraq is a valid issue of discusion i see Char’s point. The same people post the same arguments over and over and over. I don’t think Lumpy and US will ever agree and yet they continue to agrue. Its like watching people banging their heads against a wall. It ain’t purty. No matter what the evidence the bush haters will never fall in love with him just like US=good guys will never just up and change his name to US=bad guys. lol. :slight_smile: So i don’t think Char is against free speech or that you can’t talk about what you want to. He probably just sees the futility of people with oposing views trying soo hard to prove themselves right. It’s like watching someone trying to prove to Santa that Christmas sucks. it’s not going to happen and it gets very tiring.


  This IS an Off-Topic forum. As long as we have interest on what happens around the World we will keep talking about it - RIGHT HERE on this here Off-topic forum. 

  See, people like me are tired to death of those there Movie posts (Patricia). We're sick to death of seeing pics of someone we dont know train, in this Off-Topic forum when there is a perfectly good Photos Forum. 

  But see, we UNDERSTAND it. We know these are not OUR forums, and EVERYBODY has different interests. Hence the name Off-topic Forum. It's the place we come to bullshit about things that are completely irrelevant to training. Some posts may interest you, some may not.

  Now, if you must complain about why we fuckin post what we fuckin post, be prepared to get a reply of the same kind. 

  See, I write about what interests me, and I read about what interests me. US=GG's posts interest me. Your posts do not.
  Likewise, my posts do not interest you whatsoever. Patricia's posts probably do. We're all different and the arrogance comes through in your post, when you show an attitude of 'Enough of YOUR talk on the forums. Lets instead keep pulling rope with MY talk'.

  You're an arrogant son of a bitch. Cant deal with the thoughts of those who have strong interest in whats happening around the World, which may directly affect you? Then DONT FUCKING READ THEM!!!! ITS THAT FUCKIN SIMPLE.

  See that there title link on the forums page? You can choose to click it and read the thread and reply to it; or you can SKIP IT, NOT READ IT, AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN.

  Aside from that, see how many replies these posts have gotten? Thats right, they're from the T-hood that has interests in the posts and as such decide to reply. It means THERES A BUNCH OF US WHO ARE INTERESTED IN SUCH POSTS.
 And DJS, iots not about proving ourselves right.

 It's STRICTLY about voicing our opinions, which again, you are free to skip and not read. 

 It is a free off-topic forum. 

Iraq posts aren’t too bad. However, all the stupid propaganda photos posted in this section stopped being funny a long time ago. The topic in general is wearing thin though.

Diesel just called somebody an arrogant SOB.

That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard all day.


There seems to be a new thread every other day concerning the same, old crap.

I stopped reading them in April or so.

I wonder if, somewhere out there on a Middle Eastern Politics site, on of the regulars is complaining in the ‘off topic’ forum about all these posts about training and nutrition? Off to google I go!

diesel, while you are absolutely correct about this being an off-topic forum, I don’t know if I agree with your point about the number of posts on political threads. I think there is much more of a back and forth dialogue going on in those threads than many people contributing.

None of us doubt that you are a good person, and I’m sure most of us know your stance on things, but I think it’s a waste of your time to argue with some of the people that you do. I understand sticking up for what you believe in, but I just don’t see many of the political posters changing their minds.

chardawg and patricia,
I hate when citizens of a country continue to discuss a situation where their soldiers are still fighting and dying. I hate that patriotic bullshit!!! How dare we be interested in our brothers/sisters in arms? How dare we express our heartfelt belief that our actions were justified? How dare we confront the democrats and jealous anti-Americans when they protest and attack not only our government but our way of life? How dare we try to expose the underlying jealousy that drives most of these ridiculous foreign malcontents (restless, iscariot, and the new Canadian posters)?
For the morons out there, the preceding paragraph was pure sarcasm. Good people understand that we have a right to protect ourselves from both active and imminent threats. The central questions are very simple: Did saddam have the means and will to use destructive weapons both at home and abroad? Did saddam support terrorist groups? Do these groups want to attack the United States and her allies? The answer is yes to all these questions. Therefore, the threat had to be dealt with. Period.


There is 12 people who give a fuck about the Iraq posts and the same insults/slander/ and tired arguments are just recycled every single time by the same people and perhaps an unsuspecting newbie. Yes it sucks and yes I groan every time I read yet another topic posted by US=GG (sorry pal but your scope seems to be, well, limited shall we say…) and I never know what to expect from diesel, one second he’s funny and worth reading and the next he’s spouting feral, canned Pro-American epitaphs and making me wonder if we should actually give him a gun with live ammo.

But you, my friend look at it the same way I used to that the Iraq posts are somehow taking away form the “Good” posts ,the ones worth reading, the ones that will make us laugh, think or teach us something. Even the strictly social threads are much better reads than internet squabbling about whose dad can beat up who’s.

That being said, the “Good” posts are still here, we just need to wade through the garbage to get to them.

Just try not to get any on your shoes…

"People say I’m extravagant because I want to be surrounded by beauty. But tell me, who wants to be surrounded by garbage? "

~ Imelda Marcos

The bigotry of US=GG (Democrats = anti-american? sheesh) tends to evoke a response. I can’t help it, it’s like when you see a cockroach you want to step on it. How can you NOT respond to that kind of swaggering ignorance?

Char - even though I tend to reply to the Iraq threads, my personal bias is more along the lines of “can we please be vaguely rational.”

Evidence doesn’t speak for itself, neither do the alleged facts. It’s all about interpretation. In certain cases, the interpretations presented are so “jingoistic” as in my beliefs to warrant response.

In terms of what Diesel wrote [I sorta agree] - but more along the lines of some people having a real gall complaining about certain types of posts when they show no ettiquette in other areas.

For example: People post a problem; someone takes the time and effort to post a helpful, thoughtful response and
they get no acknowledgement, no feedback etc - unless of course it’s the little clique they happen to align themselves with.

Sure, everyone has the right to post whatever floats their boat on the off-topic forum, the problem with the treads concerning the war in Iraq is, they always degenerate into personal attacks.(like diesal calling Char and arrogent SOB on this thread) In addition there’s never anything new said, it’s just the same old people rehashing the same old issues, while trying to provoke the same old responses from their usual forum enemies. Every time I see a post about Iraq immediately I think of Bill Murray in “Ground hog day”. So to those people who feel they reserve the right to post about the war in Iraq, I also reserve the right to bitch about the nonsense of it all.