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I’m interested in these new effervescent creatine delivery systems. I’m interested in enhanceing a post cycle with creatine/tribex/methoxy-7. I did a short Dbol cycle and I want to continue with long term gains using these three supplements. I plan on using them until April for further gains as well as maintaining what I gained from the Dbol. My question is- does this creatine delivery work? I need a low/no carb system that is effective at volumizing the cell. This way I can maintain gains until the muscle matures, then continue making gains from that point. The tribex I plan on using for only a short period of time to help get regular T production back on track. I don’t think this is too much of an issue though because of how small/short my Dbol cycle was.

Effervescent creatine has been out a long time. It’s good for those that can’t stomach regular creatine, but that’s about it. It’s known as more of a gimmick really. Stick to plain white creatine in warm liquid taken with some simple carbs, or put it in a postworkout drink like Surge.

Why exactly do you need a “low carb/no carb” system?

I don’t understand how creatine can stabilize your gains. Sure, it will cause cell volumization, but you’ll lose this once you stop taking it.

Tribex and Methoxy-7 make sense, though.

Basically my theory goes like this- methoxy-7 for protein synthesis; tribex to help normalize my T; and creatine for water retention. Yes I said for its negative side effect. Dbol produces some water retention. If I can maintain that water retention long enough for my test levels to plateau along with the anabolic effect of methoxy-7- I might be able to stablize the size (and most of the strength) long enough to let the fiber/cell mature. Does that make sense? See the tribex and the methoxy were obvious choices but it was my belief that the creatine would help increase the effects of the methoxy-7 and produce its own anabolic advantage. I really don’t think I’ll loose anything though… this is just a precaution and hopefully a long term supplement cycle. I wanted to use the Dbol mildly to kick anabolism up a notch and give me a jump foward. These other supplements are actually ment to maintain some of that momentum for the next 5 months. The amount of Dbol that I used was very minimal and was in conjunction with a major increase in training volume and caloric intake. The results were excellent actually. I estimate that I literally traded 8-12lbs fat for 8-12lbs muscle. Basically I went up two shirt sizes and down one pant size yet did not gain any overall weight. My physique is much harder and cut. Also I gained as much as 25 lbs of capacity on some muscle groups. This was all in three weeks with one dose in the morning when I woke up. The reasoning for the single dose was that Dbol only lasts for about 6-8 hours total. This gave me 16 hours of the rest of the day for my “nuts” to wake up and continue to produce a reasonable amount of T. Now the reason for the low carb delivery is that I have diabetes on both side of my family. I do not need medication but if I were to chug 8 ounces of sweet juice and creatine on a empty stomach I am gaureteed shock about 15-45 minutes later. It sucks, believe me. The other day at work it hit me because I ate some hard candy on an empty stomach. I started walking around in a daze acting drunk and not doing my job. I realized what had happened and drank some apple juice. After I get my blood sugar back when that happens I feel like shit and I am very flat. I can have carbs but not simple ones and not alone, hence the low carb delivery system.

I've used a creatine / bicarbinate (effervescent delivery) for about the last 6 months but probably not as some might agree with (the brand sucks but I don't want to just toss it all in the can).  Its basic intent is to get as much of the creatine into the bloodstream with as little of it being digested through as waste.
Albeit I don't understand every aspect of nutrition, physiology and/or endocrinology, from what I have read (and what most everyone writes about) is that you want to get the creatine into the bloodstream to replenish depleted ATP in the cells (the side effect being volumizing / hyrolizing as you spoke about).
What i don't think some people think about is that you can theorize that the excess creatine can be taken advantage of (should you have it in your bloodstream during your workouts) to help convert the byproduct of spent ATP (which is ADP) back into ATP for immediate use or re-storage for future use, thus wasting even less of, if not none of, the creatine which is absorbed (there's more to all that too).  Does that make sense?  So that means that depending on what type of creatine you take (monohydrate/phosphate/citrate) and there known times for absorption into the bloodstream, you have to consider timing of when you take it if your interested in this approach.
Otherwise, everything I've read says that there isn't as much research to support the claims that creatine helps in recuperation of the muscle cells although there are some studies that seem to support that theory but with not definitive proof or reason as to how and why.  Again, just from what I’ve been reading so don't flame me if you or anyone else should know otherwise.  You might want to try posting a question in the "Steroids" forum asking Bill Roberts since your dabbling with dbol.  Good luck, hope this might help.

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