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All These Supplements


So many supplements, so little money. I have been thinking about adding things into my diet and into my agenda of things I should start taking just to get healthier. What I have comprised so far:

Multi Vitamin-BAD?
Milled Flax Seed- YES.
Greens+ - A MUST.
Fish Oils- OUT. Flameout-IN.


Creatine- A MUST.
Before/After Workout Shake- Surge

Anything else? Any corrections/critiques?
Anything wrong with taking this much stuff?

Thanks guys. Bare with me, Im just learning.



Duuddee... I love your avatar...
Oh, I have nothing to add really, just thought I'd let you know.


Make sure you're eating your vegetables.


I have noticed that taking multivits is considered a dubious past-time by some, one of the main points is you need good levels of B vits in particular pyridoxine and folic acid to avoid problems with homocysteine if you eats lots of meat.

There are also lots of other reasons to take them rather than not too. But choose a decent brand i.e Solgar.

Whilst you prob won't make great use or even absorb everything in them, absorption of the B vits is ok and they stick loads in them. the luminous piss you get is the riboflavin in your urine. At least you know you saturated yourself !


Ditch the creatine unless you are already finding it does wonders. In my opinion the Surge is superior. why puff muscles with energy when you can instead puff 'em up with more muscle? If money to burn then creatine OK otherwise stuff it.

Get the Flameout it sounds great

HOT-ROX is good, makes you more alert, too, I feel.

Metabolic Drive is very good.

gee you don't leave much room to eliminate anything do you?


Thanks everyone for their replies. Any other critiques?

Le Stig, by B Vits, you mean B vitamins right?



The way I understand it,if your taking Flameout you really don't need to take milled flax seeds unless your having trouble getting fiber(which you shouldn't if your eating your veggies and fruits like you should and if your not then using greens+ is retarded)




So off to the health food store to pick some stuff up....

Going to get some Greens+

Look for a Solgar Multi Vitamin (something with plenty of Vitamin B

Udo's Oil

Look for some wheat grass

Anyways... all these supplements.
There any secrets or any time I should take them? or do the usual and follow the back of the label. (read the directions)

Post some other stuff you guys devour.



Get some ZMA too tough guy.


So I am going to the health food store in a few....

Picking up some


Solgar Multi Vitamin (something with plenty of Vitamin B)

Udo's Oil

Maybe some wheat grass

Anyways was wondering is there any special time of day to take this stuff? any tricks or just follow the instructions on the back of the bottle? lol, sorry about the retarted question, just wondering.

also keep posting what your devouring!



I'd pass on the wheat grass if you're already going to be taking Greens+, as there's a healthy dose of wheat grass in that product as it is.



Creatine is dirt cheap so I don't think you need money to burn to justify it. It's actually so cheap I think it's worth taking even if you aren't 100% sure it's doing anything.

Not much point in comparing it to Surge either, they're completely different things. You certainly don't have to choose one or the other. Use both.


I agree with this.
Besides, creatine has nootropic effects, and will drop your homocysteine levels as well.


you're kidding me, right?


I was going to make a joke about how I puff my muscles up with something funny, but my brain wouldn't stop crying.

Dave's right. Take your creatine monohydrate.



Thanks guys.

Le stig, no need for hostility.

I'll admit I am a dumb ass newbie, more than most people will admit.

thanks again,



So with all these supplements, how much should I be taking?

I have fish oil tablets and cold milled flax seed. I have got all the others that I have mentioned, so how much should I be taking? Do I need to take the fish oil tablets and flax seed every day, together? I thought they were aimed at relatively the same goal. (Healthy fats)

Stear me in the right direction. (Im a little low on cash otherwise I would cut all the trouble and go to the flameout)



If you are hurting for money I would scrap the Flameout and go with fish /flax oil. Will last a lot longer and be much cheaper. I would get ZMA (cheap) Surge, Metabolic Drive, multi vitamin.

I also have Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, Hawthorn Berry, Milk Thisle.


looks good to me. Go for it!