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All these Damn Calories....


Well you guys were right, ever since ive been eating a shitload ive been gaining muscle but damn is it normal to gain fat as well? Im starting to get uncomfortable with the idea of putting on alot of fat.. But i guess its needed to build muscle?


you need to moderate how much weight you are gaining. 1LB/week is a good rule to follow, if you are gaining more than one pound per week you should lower calories OR implement some cardio on your off days.


Do you not read the threads on this forum?

Here's how it goes...

"I need to gain weight"
"eat more"
"but I'll gain body fat"
"you will add some body fat, but if you're afraid to gain body fat your progress will be next to nothing"
"yeah but you want me to become obese"
"who is promoting obesity"

jck is on the right track, about 1 lb per week for most people is a good indicator of progress.

that is what I personally shoot for when bulking.


Do more cardio, don't lower calories. Add in cardio sessions, one at a time, then monitor your waistline, find a nice medium where you are doing JUST enough to stop excessive fat gain. Of course, it'd be a lot easier if you just accepted fat gain. Just presenting both sides of the equation.


a double chin is normal. losing abs is normal. youll blur vascularity too. but dont worry you'll have a year where your friends are gonna be like OMGz Ur Getting sooooo fat now?!

and youll be at like 12% bodyfat dude. its part of the game but it doesnt last too long and during that time youll be figuring shit out and things will start clicking. once enough things start to click youll look more muscular and even leaner. just stick through it.


Or if you can be dedicated enough you can minimize the fat gain by eating CLEAN. You will have to eat more "clean" food to get the calories but you wont have to burn off the fat later on when you are trying to get cut again.

Also try carb cycling it work real well also.


Here we go...


Its alot easier to just spend 12 weeks cutting then 3 years eating clean as a whistle


Exactly. If you can find the discipline to never miss a meal for a year or 5 you can surely handle a few weeks of eating chicken and broccoli for a few weeks to lose some fat.


These figures are an entirely arbitrary comparision.

"Eating clean" depends on the person's opinion.




This is exactly what was going through my mind after I read his post.


I think that should be stickied for every weight gain thread.


Cron-- is this true, per your profile for you @ 5'-8", 180lbs in your profile?

Flat Bench: 355 x1
Squat: 405x3
Deadlift: 475 x2
Millary Press: 205 x6

Dunno-- I'm having a hard time with that.


5'8" and 180 lean will look pretty good imo. And for that weight and taking into account superior leverages, I would say the other lifts make sense as well. I'd assume his military was seated though.

Also he's a pharmacy tec (hint hint).......... j/k


even eating clean you'll put on fat so what!! if your not wanting to put on size, stay lean,!! if your a nat , even with all the bulking and cutting you'll be doing great if you can put on 5 lbs of muscle per year, thats top nats


Well ever since ive been eating everything to bulk. Pizza fast food steak chicken EVERYTHING, My muscle mass has increased quite a bit along with 3 shakes a day with eggs in them. But im gaining a little fat on my stomach i can pinch an inch and a half now and im not liking it lol.

But im sure this is all part of gaining mass and in a few months just lean and cut down. Im an ectomorph so its easy for me to lose weight.


WHAT? Maybe if you're at the upper end of the advanced spectrum and have to diet down for multiple competitions a year...

Why don't such people just take up sewing?

If I were gaining 5 lbs a year... Wow, It'd take me 5 years to add 25 pounds... And that while doing 200+ hardcore workouts a year... I'd just do something else... What a waste of time.

Here's a hint: If you use "I'm natural" as an excuse for why you fail at bodybuilding, then this sport is not for you.
If you actually tell everyone that you're natural before they even ask, then this sport is also not for you.

That lack of progress has nothing to do with being a natty. It's the same issue that young 180-210 pound guys who use every exotic substance on the planet have.

What ridiculously low strength-for-reps gains does someone make who only gains 5 measly pounds of muscle a year?


you sir, are an idiot.


5 lbs a year? dude i went from 112 to 180 in 2 years lol