ALL THE WHEY brand Protein

Is this good quality protein? I just got a 5lb bucket the other day and the powder seems to be too grainy (big crystals as compared to other protein’s I’ve used)? Should i worry about its quality?

That’s weird. I use all the whey and it mixes extremely well and tastes very good. Hey, if SwoleCat recommends it, it must be good :slight_smile:

Well, the best whey to find out if it’s good protein is trial by error. If you fart a lot after using it, which is supposed to indicate that there’s ‘filler’ put in the mixture rather than protein. If you use the protein properly and consistently until you are finished and you notice a difference (depending on the amount of protein), than it works - there are so many types on the market right now, it’s hard to tell where the deals are and where the steals are.

If I were you I would have stuck with Grow!

Some of us can’t afford the price of grow. $28 a bottle isn’t cheap for poor people.

Actually, LC Grow! is only $24/bottle with the new buy 2, get 2 special Testosterone is running.

That only lasts a month, so it doesn’t count. $24 is still too much. I go through pounds of protein powder like it’s going out of style.

Shop around…you can find some quality stuff (5lbs for about 25-$30). But be careful there is alot of crap out there. Earlier this summer I thought I found a good deal…I ended up spending the summer on the toliet…like a good 3 weeks before I figured out it was the whey…I was also getting dehydrated something awful because of it. It cost me training time as a result of feeling crappy!

all the whey cost me 19.99 for 5 lbs. Thats cheap as hell, i hope its not bc its crap. I too heard it off swole’s site. But that doesn’t mean anything they could just be a sponsor i suppose?

I haven’t actually tried mixing it yet (i still have some designer whey protein left- is this stuff good at least??) but from first looks the powder seems grainier than the designer, again I don’t know if this means a thing.

Have there been any analysis tests run by this site or others on different protein brands? There must be some scientific readings on amount of actual protein, quality, and amount of ‘filler’ like karswel said.

I use optimum nutrition’s whey in 5 lb canisters religiously for what it’s worth. no farts and it contains lactase which is nice b/c I am lactose intolerant.

For a more complex blend I use HDT’s ProBlend

looks like a great deal

All The Whey is a quality brand, i’m guessing you ordered the whey concentrate and not the whey isolate which is why it is more grainy.

Whay concentrate is a lower end form of whey protein, isn’t it?

I never like to hear complaining about price regarding supplements! Ever hear the maxim: you get what you pay for? If you want to look good, feel good and have an immediate positive effect on training, you will purchase the best! In this case it’s Grow protein.

We are not talking about buying a new Mercedes vs. a used Chevy. That cost differetial is well into the thousands of dollars. This is disposable income we are referring to.

When you state “I cant afford it”, what you are in essence stating is “I want to spend my disposable income on other things”.

You can’t afford it? Bullcrap! Cut back a few beers a week. Don’t buy the latest muscle magazine on the news stand. walk to your job or school if you can and save gas. Don’t buy that new piece of clothing that you feel you have to have. If you are not married next time you go out on a date order the cheap dinner and let your babe order what she wants. Instead of going out to the movies with your wife for one weekend rent a video. It’s about channeling funds in the right direction. Prioritize!

I can go on but you get the idea. If the difference between Grow and an inexpensive brand of protein powder is ten dollars or so, then you have no excuse! You are putting this stuff into your body. You want the best for a multitude of reasons!

Now stop reading this post and go figure out what you are going to cut back in order to purchase the finest supplements available!

If you post back to me that it’s not that important to you then you deserve to fart, puke and and piss your money away with the cheap crap you have been buying! And the lack of results will most likely show up sooner rather than later.

(Hey, I got a little worked up there, no hard feelings, but I know I’m right!)

Biotest may want to consider selling 5 or 10pd buckets of Grow and larger sizes of Grow as well. The price would go down, and people who use a lot of protein would consider buying it.

what do you think about prolab whey protein? is it any good?we dont have biotest product here in israel! we
have optimum,prolab,twinlab and metrex
what is the best from all of this?

hey ZEB, maybe ALLTHEWHEY is just as good as grow? (ignore the price difference so you don’t look at it as an indicator of quality)

Here’s a good rule to live by:

If you can’t afford a good protein supplement, spend your money on good food. Better to have good food than bad protein powder.

Read our “Protein Insider” article by TC in the archives for more info. It might surprise you.

please answer me…i realy want to buy biotest but i cant get it here!{israel}.so what is the best thing for me to buy between this:prolab,tweenlab
,metrex, talking about protein powder and creatine.
also is there any thing that is like power-drive that i can buy?i need some thing to help my cns…

Read some of Will Brink’s stuff on whey. He’s up on this and as far as I know isn’t selling it so his info should be nonbiased.