All the Result of my Fat Fast diet !!

Hi t-mans !
i’ve now the pic of my Fat fats diet !
you can see this at
Please give me your comments !
thank !
And Happy christmas !

bypO: You look GREAT! Seems like you put in a lot of work. I think that the Honeys in Miami will be ready to do a little Muramba with the “By0-Man!!!”

By the way, …how tall are you? (I’m a Yank…so tell me in feet and inches!!! :)—!!!)

Very well done man. So what do you think you could have done differently to prevent losing 10 lbs of muscle while losing only the 8 lbs of fat.

Chris, maybe Gramabol-like cycle? :slight_smile:

Hi Mufasa, thank for your comments, I’m 5’10.
Are you a girl ? If yes can I see a pic of you doly ? :wink:

Chris: Thank for your comment guy, the next time I think about doing a cutting cycle with T-draw diet style with a more big calorie intake.

After my trip to Miami I will do a Mass cycle with the T-Draw diet style, I don’t want become fat again… (Ref: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION)

Have a Merry Christmas !

Great work!

wow that’s great improvement. Good job. Maybe I read this wrong but you claimed 5% bodyfat in the middle picture and 3.5% in the last pic. Maybe i read this wrong but you look closer to 8%-10%. Sorry i just had to add that. Great job though buddy.

It’s the result that I have with the bodycalipter…

Nope…the Lion is male…testicles and all!:wink:

Oki Oki hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t bulk using T-Dawg. You need carbs to bulk and meet your caloric requirements, you would have a hard time bulking using lots of fat instead of carbs, plus the results would be dubious.