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All the Help I Can Get (Size)

I am 19 years and have been lifting for 5 years now.

Weight:160 lbs
height: 5'10

I eat 6 times a day, take fish oil, protein powders, and ZMA.

I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how I cound size up a bit and boost my T levles. I am not wanting to take anything like Alpha Male due to my age but if anyone knows any lil secreats. ex. penut butter boosts T levles and ZMA gives your body what it need to keep levles high.

Does anyone have any supplements that have worked well for them.


At 19, your body is pumping out test. Look up some of the nutrition articles such as "Massive Eating". You only weigh 160, so now is the time to go on a BULK. Find a good bukling progam here and turn eating into FEEDING.




God's above...eat dammit...just eat. Sure as heck shouldn't be a ''secret'' by now.


Food is nature's anabolic.

I like ZMA. I see no harm in taking it. I can't attest to it helping me in the gym directly, but it certainly does indirectly by improving my quality of sleep.

You don't need any other supplements other than the ones you listed.

I should, emphasize the word supplements. There is no supplement to a strong diet and hard work.

Eat until you aren't hungry, and then eat some more.

Have fun


make sure you're getting plenty of sleep (at least ten hours a day)...lack of sleep will fuck up a natural persons T levels...

good luck!


I Work until nine and I wake at 6am. Im trying to squeze all the sleep i can. But thanks.


Like everyone has been saying...you need to eat a LOT.

PNB and Beef are two of my favorites. I'm actually a huge fan of cheese burgers.

ZMA is great for boosting T levels. If I take it and don't rub one out for like 2 days I'll have a wet dream, so I know it works.

What's your workout like? I know that I put on more weight when I started doing a powerlifting routine that focuses on lots of compounds. Post your workout if you don't mind.


Oh, and what do you do for work?


At the age of 19,

what exactly makes you think that you need to boost your T-levels?


And creatine's cool too... other than that, I can't attest to the effectiveness of any others.

But, just as everyone else has said, the only way to grow is to eat.