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All the Gear, No Idea

Hi. I’m 35. New to the forum as a poster however been lurking for a while before I signed up.
After 4 years of coming off Steroids for Body building purposes, I finally had to admit that my body never bounced back I had struggled to restart and seek help.
Low energy levels, Ed and using viagra almost every day. Brain fog etc etc.
I went to see a doctor and was prescribed based on symptoms alongside a blood test which revealed my T level was 10.

6 weeks in my Symptoms don’t seem to be any better but my T level now is 21.

I’m really new to all this but was wondering if anybody could advise or have a look over my bloods.

I’ve mentioned to my doc I don’t think things have improved and he just said maybe try enanthate. I’m currently doing 125mg 1pw

Am I expecting too much too soon?

Your dose just needs to be raised. Where is your free T? You should also at least break your dose up e3.5d for steady levels

He gave us his TT and SHGB. Free T can be calculated.

Free T is 0.545 nmol/L = 2.53 %
Bio T 12.8 nmol/L = 59.4 %
OP if you think TRT is going to replace a good natural T lvl and blasting. Forget it.
Any idea why your E2 is so low? Are you taking an AI?


Is that how the labs do it? Just estimate how much shbg is able to hold and i put TT into a formula based on that? Or do they actually do a chemical analysis?

Yeah like @hrdlvn said your E2 is low and could be causing you to feel like shit.

You could try splitting up your doses twice a week since SHBG is lower, once weekly will see levels higher in the beginning of the week and lower at the end and probably why you feel little improvement.

You should be testing Free T as well, that’s the stuff that counts.

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Most consider a calculated Free T more accurate because Free T is all over the place in a 24 hour period based on how much you did that day.

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Thank you for the replies.
I don’t feel
Like I was getting much support from my doc. And although he is a specialist in this field he gave me a very generic answer.
I actually mentioned to him that my E seems low and could this be affecting my libido and causing ED. I’m currently awaiting an answer.

My Eostrogen levels were bottomed out before I went on and I’m not using an AI.

As previously mentioned im doing 125mg of sust 1pw. Apart from I’m more moody I honestly can’t tell that I’m on anything at all.

What I’ve also noticed is that I feel my mood is better towards the back end of the week so around 5 days after my jab I feel like my mood is lifting and my confidence is allowed to flow as opposed to anxiety. Could be placebo though.

Still my main concern is the ED.

Towards the end of the week you T will be dropping off and your E2 will be around it’s highest, because it is being produced from your T. It really sounds like you need a bit bigger dose, that would bring your E2 up a bit, and more smaller doses is probably a mistake in your case as that tends to minimize estrogen. Maybe drink some beer or something along those lines.


This^. Believe it or not, if you simply do not aromatize test well you would be a candidate for estradiol supplementation. Very low E2 is not a good thing either.

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Many report this. I did as well on weekly shots.

You feel best right before your next shot. Those are the numbers you need to try to figure out how to mimic. At least the ratio of t/e at that time.

what´s your body fat ? and for how long ?

We have a few guys that have difficulty keeping estrogen elevated, these guys do well on moderate doses (40-50mg) EOD.

Completely agree.

My e2 went up a bit on 30mg EOD. THEN, when I went to daily shots, it went down a ton.

I think I felt better on EOD and may go back.

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So based on my results and symptoms what dosage and frequency should I be looking to go with.
I personally don’t feel that 125mg once a week is right for my.
My thoughts were to drop it to 125mg every 9 days but I see some of you recommending to increase amount and frequency.

Hi. Just curious who your doc is? NHS or private? GP, urologist?

I would go to 200mg once a week.

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Private doc. E.D specialist

Bmi is around 32
I’m 103kg
5ft7 inch