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All the Facts on Sust 250


So here we go, I just got back from Iraq and finished my contract so Im officially out of the Army! I have been lifting for about 5 years now, and I think now at 27 its time to step my game up!

Im looking for some good advice mainly. I recently bought some Sust 250, but Im not going to start the cylce until I have all the facts. Any adivice would be greatly apperciated.

Dosage, Anti-E recomendations, anything you can think of?????



Im pretty sure its ok to ask what I am asking on here....

Im looking for safe an effictive advice on my first cycle of Sust 250...

Thanks in advance.


Youre more than welcomed to read the stickied threads. And by that I mean you should have read them all twice before posting...


Im pretty sure that I did... but sorry, maybe not what yall are looking for...

But I will break it down best I can...

Im 27 years old, I have been lifting for about 5 years, I am 5'4 150lbs, I would like to gain size and strength. I have Sust 250, and off of what I have read intend on taking to shots totaling 500mg a week. Im looking for as much advice as I can get before I start, I have read a pretty good bit, and this is my next step, chatting with some good people with real first hand experince. I would like to take a 10 week cycle as safely and as informed as possible. I know amatures that take Sust 250 and every one of them tell you something differnt....
So Im looking for some advice from the pros, ya dig??
Any help or advice would be appreciated. If Im in the wrong place for help/advice I appoligize, let me know and I will delete the post and move on to another website. Thanks


You are right that it should total to 500mg a week for your first cycle. Do you know how often to inject? Sustanon has prop in it...

You need to make sure your diet and training is in check first, if it isn't then you will mostly be wasting your time.

Have you planned your PCT yet?


Im thinking 250mg twice a week. And Im a hard gainer, so my diet is on point, and Im just coming out of the Army my training is good to go. Just wanted to up my game, and go big since I can now.

And no on the PCT plan yet... Not really sure which way to go...



dude in the newbie thread it explains a proper pct , you also need to find out how many weeks after your cycle you need to start pct, to do that you should find out the half life of the esters in sust.


Wrong. You need to do some research on the halflife and suggested injection frequency of sustanon. We are not being difficult to be assholes we are doing it because you need to UNDERSTAND what you are putting in your body.

When considering injection frequency you need to look at how often the shortest ester in sustanon needs to be injected to maintain stable blood levels. Or you can just ignore the reasons and search sustanon injection frequency on here...

When considering PCT you need to find the halflife of prop, and consider the amount of time the longest ester takes to clear.

As mentioned above, the PCT is laid out in a sticky..


Sustanon 250= testosterone blend = 4 different ESTERS of testosterone = proprionate, isocaprioate, cypionate and decanoate (I could be a little off(mistaken) on these esters)

Learn what an ester is, and how it impacts the active time and half-life of the drug in your body.

Learn what PCT means, and then do some research on things called SERMS and aromatase inhibitors.

Now, since you are a 'hard gainer', tell us about your diet since your 'diet is on point.'

Please understand, we like helping people, but we absolutely loathe spoon feeding information to people. Many of us on here spent 50-100+ hours studying/researching these hormones and drugs, so it 'frustrates' us when someone comes on here and wants 'the key to the city' because he can 'buy some roids.'

Seriously, show us you want to do this right and we will be more than happy to help you.


Thanks guys yall are def right, I should have read a little futher into this forum before posting... there are so many b.s. web sites out there I just posted to see if I could get some feed back to build on... to be honest I dont really know enough about Sustanon to know where to start, or what questions to ask, I have been lifing for about 5 years, eating right, and like I said I wanted to go that extra step, so I got it while the getting was good..... but rest assured I have no intention on starting a cycle until I know all the facts and proper steps, thats why I am here. If I decided its not what I wanted after all, then I will trash it and keep on keeping on, if there is one thing I am not its careless.

And I def understand how It could piss you guys off for some one to want a personal "coach/doctor" and want a hand out... sorry if I came off that way.

So let me start over...

Any adivce on what to research, legit sites or places to look, terms... or just a point in the right direction would be great...

And I will post here again once I have enough facts and knowledge to ask the right questions, and get ready to start my cycle... Thanks.


Read the stickies here. The one for beginners by furious george is my favorite.

Since you aren't a dick like most people when we try and tell them to research, I will save you one bit of research.
The shortest ester in the sustanon testosterone blend is propionate. This ester is fast acting with a short half life. This ester must be injected at least every other day to maintain semi-steady blood levels. It is best to inject daily.

Because there is prop in sustanon, and your goal should be to keep levels stable, you should inject sustanon at least EOD.. preferably ED.

Now, you should go read the stickies, all of them but especially the one by furious george, and the one on serms and AIs.

There are a few good websites to read on, but to get started I would read all the stickies here, then for specific questions use the search function. If you still do not have an answer, then ask in the forum.


Thanks man. Sounds good.


This is a troll post, right?


^ your post has been reported for obvious reasons.


SouthernGent, you have a pretty good attitude towards accepting constructive criticism... SO...

I think you should put on some more mass naturally. You said you're a hardgainer "so my diet is on point" but in all honesty, you're 150lbs after training for 5 years. Do you REALLY think your diet is on point?

No one is going to stop you from using, but unless you know how to eat to gain mass naturally, you'll likely lose all of your 'assisted' gains once you come off.

While you're taking the time to do your research, you'd be best off posting your diet (keep a food log - they're surprisingly eye opening, in most cases) on here (or in the nutrition forum) so you can get some help with that, too.

Just something to think about. Good luck.


Most definatly, I can see why you would say that off of my stats only, but in December 2010 when I got back from Iraq I was a 130lbs ( It was almost impossible to gain weight in that heat) I eat every thing in sight and pound protein shakes, O.N. Casin in the A.M. and night, and O.N. Whey after my work out. When I graduated High School I was 103lbs, and was ripped... but I just have never been able to add much mass, I am as big as I have ever been. I train hard, but after I reach about a lean 145lbs I hit a "wall"! Thanks for the help though guys, I will keep hitting the books until I am more informed.... like I said I am in know rush, and I really wanna take a cycle but Im not going to jump into it blind either. If I dont like what I have discovered or change my mind, no big deal, I will trash it and keep on keeping on.

Thanks guys.


And I will def check out the nutrition forum to try and get some pointers as well, a food log is a good Idea too.


Any opinions on LiquiNolva, and LiquiDex??

sustanon- 500mg week 1-10 (250mg E3D)
arimidex- (LiquiDex) week 3-17 (.25 E3D)
pct-nolvadex- (LiquiNolva) 20mg week 13-15 & 10mg 16-17

Am I at least on the right track? I get so many difference of opinions, its hard to decide as a newbie with limited connects what is the best way to go... trying to keep it as simple as I can for my first cycle, and as safe and productive as I can. getting a lot of good info, and still got a lot of research to do though. Thanks


Looks pretty good to me, but I would bump the Nolva to 40/40/20/20 and start AI week 1 (remember, Test Prop is fast acting). .25 mg EOD is a good place to start, but don't be scared to bump it to .5 or even 1mg EOD if you start getting tender nips or bloating.

And research chems have always been good to me. Look around and find the companies with the best reputations. If you want, PM me and I'll tell you where I get mine.

Also, how often are you injecting? Sust should be injected atleast EOD for stable blood levels.


You can use that injection frequency for sustanon, but I feel comfortable saying that by the 3rd week into it you are going to be experiencing the symptoms of fluctuating hormones. Every other day is definetly where you want to be with it. If you don't want to pin every day (like some of us feel) then you should use test cypionate or test enenthate; with those esters you can pin every 3rd day and be just fine.

The liquidex dosage is 'ok,' and a good place to start. If you notice symptoms of high estrogen you can up the dosage to .5mg's E3D, or .25mg every other day. That is generally where people start if I recall...