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all the bad attitudes on this forum!

what is the problem that all the people have on this forum with steroid use? Some people defend it while others seem to consider it a greater sin than rape and/or murder. Especially with pro athletes, why are so many of you out there so vehemently against steroid use?

I have no idea,some people also have a very bad attitude about drinking(even in moderation)…Somtimes people have to get a grip!

SHUT UP MIKE! If you dont have anything beneficial to say then dont say anything at all! SHHEESH.

aaahhhh, just kidding, partner. I know what you mean. There are (atleast) two sides to every coin. That will never change. Repub/Democrat, Black/White, HaveNuts/MoundsDont…didnt go where you were expecting on that one, eh?

This did turn out to be a beneficial post, now I have a completely different outlook on “mounds” not having nuts.

Good day.

I think most people here have a wonerful attitude. Sure arguments can get heated and name calling usually ensues, really though who cares. It can be healthy to let ones frustrations out in this medium instead of getting in a fight with a spouse or loved one. Besides it’s funny to the rest of us. You don’t need thier acceptance to do what you do, if you would stop looking for it you would not be frustrated. Just have fun with it. :wink:

By the way I love the fact that today I looked at off topics and the threads were 1)politics, 2)religion and 3)politics & religion, how funny is that.

honestly i dont understand it at all. now i fully understand people being against aas use because of the legality issue that is their opinion and fine by me. however i would like to think that people that come to this site are a litle more educated on the subject, usage, side effects, etc.

obviously this is a site where a lot of people use. T-mag has written numerous articles on the subject we speak of. yet somehow every time someone says the word d-bol people get all upset. every time someone who looks good posts a pic people say oh he must be juiced.

what i think this shows is that a lot of people that post here dont read the damn mag anymore. i also suspect that a lot of folks on the off topic forum have probably never touched a weight in their lives.

honestly i dont care if you are for or against aas use. everyone is entitled to their opinion. but this is a site where people juice and do so in an educated manor. (for the most part) if you are opposed to aas use, and are going to criticize others when you hear about it why are you a member of this site???

I post in Off-Topic alot, but mainly because I am not quite knowledgable enough yet to commetn on other peoples diet/lifting regimens, and for the most part other peoples questions answer any I might have. That having been said, on to the off-topic topic.

I don’t use AAS, probably never will, but I have no problem with people who do, their choice, as a matter of fact I had an arguement at work the other day about steroids (I am the only guy at my work who lifts at all). One of the guys at work thought creatine was the same as steroids, I had to set him straight and then I exposed many of the myths about steroids that he had been brainwashed into believing.
So in short, I don’t use, but I know that they would help me reach my goals faster, I just don’t want to stick an illegal needle into any part of me.

I think we should completely seperate the “non-users” from the “users”. Sorta like having a smoking section and a non-smoking section…

…Hey wait a sec, isn’t that why we have a Steroid Topic Forum?! You’re fucking right it is! Some people just need to mind their own fucking business.

The reason for my flaming and language is because I’m so damn tired of it. Why do people who have NO knowledge and NO care to ever use AAS, be in the Steroid Topic area in the first place? To each their own opinion… just don’t come rubbing it my, or anyone elses, face. We’ve already lost a member or two in the past because of this. I have a great respect for everyone’s own opinion. We’re all entitled to one, right? If you don’t want to use, hey, all the power to you!

If you want good quality info and personal experience regarding AAS use, come over to that topic area. If you have questions, post them. If you just want to just linger, read, and learn… great. If you hate us and are against “chemical enhancement”, keep it to yourself.

d-bol, d-bol, d-bol…gave me a fat face!

They are uneducated on the subject of steroids, that’s all. RLTW


Some people also need to tolerate opposing views when articles about steroid diaries are posted in the Steroid forum.

opinions are like assholes…

personally i couldn’t give a shit if you juice or not, hell i’ll even swab your ass with alcohol if you ask nicely. once in a while i’ll drop a post in the roid section, just to broaden my horizons, so to speak. but its never anything bad/stupid (for the most part) or opinionated.

like shortdave, i don’t have much to add in the training sections nor do i have many questions. occaisonally i’ll throw up a pic just to make sure i don’t seem like an off topic troll thats never been in a gym.

I Love Steroids, especially Tren!

where you from jak? that sounds down right appealing!

Hey P-Dog, even after your bust and subsequent probation you still want to do roids or not?

oh hell yeah i want to! i wont do it though. to risky. just because i cant spell doesnt mean im a dumb ass, lol.

plus there seems to be some pretty nice legal alternatives on the market right now.

And whats up with all the bitching about spelling corrections and shit. When we type on this forum we’re spittin out thoughts real quick and we click and were done.

When people are arguing and spelling gets brought up, c’mon, cheap shot.

When people say “how are you a teacher P-dog” c’mon, hes posting quick comments. Nobody on here is looking for a pultizer prize for outstanding journalism.

WTF? We can’t get pulitzers here? All that work for nothing. Sigh.

'Some people also need to tolerate opposing views when articles about steroid diaries are posted in the Steroid forum. ’

Even the completely fucking stupid ones?

I have nothing against steroids, I will probably do some using in the future.

You only live once so you have to try something new becuase if you dont try it then you will always live in regret.

I do have a problem with all of these posts how hollywood movie start used roids. Sure some might but just becuase they gained muscle for a role that does not automatically mean that they use.
So their is my view

I read some of the posts at the steroid forum though I have not used them and don’t have any intention to do in the near future and I have never posted there. I definitely have a problem with athletes who are using banned substances, steroids or other, simply because it gives them an unfair advantage over those athletes who make the decision to follow the rules. If a recreational lifter decide to use steroids, it is there choice and I don’t really care, but some people here seem to think that since they have decided to use, there should be no restrictions whatsoever. I think Chris Shugart wrote some “rules” that I think are quite good. Couldn’t find the article just now, but it was something like this. If you are not yet 25, don’t use them. If you have trained hard for less than 5 or 10 years (don’t remember), don’t use them. If you haven’t looked over your diet, rest and training and tried several approaches, don’t use them. If, however, you have put on decent amounts of muscle and gained strength or watever your goal is, but progress have stalled despite trying different approaches both when it comes to diet and training - well it is your choice.

But this is just my opinion…