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All t-dawgs help out a brother(whopper,timbo,dawg on the porch)

I just started posting and was shocked by the wealth of information here. Basically im a thin guy with alot of good cuts. I wanna bulk up some- say some 25-30 pounds by next spring.
I was thinking of using say just a couple of big exercises. I cant really handle a large workload. What do u guys reccomend for me? I would appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks guys

You would probably do well on a program like Pavel Tsatsouline’s Bear workout with Deadlifts and Benches. I would alternate between this and a more typical bodybuilding routine(Check out John Berardi’s training article). If you eat enough and rest enough you can probably handle more of a workload than you think.

flash: I THINK your advice will follow along these lines: #1) Diet #2) Diet #3) Diet #4) read the “Diet Manifesto” , “Massive Eating” and “Appetite For Construction” 1&II .THEN:

Basic, heavy movements. Since I’m an “easy fat gainer”, I can’t give you first hand advice, but there are a lot of guys on this site who can. That being said…think DIET first…THEN workout…

see those two white boxes to you’re right? Type in under subject ‘SBSG “Scrawny Bastard Support Group”’ and read all the posts in there. Following that stuff I went from 150 to 185 within a relatively short amount of time. Just do the lifts that you hate doing the most, like squats, deadlifts, bench press, curls, shoulder press, power clean, rows, pullups. Also, there are some great tips in there like drinking a gallon of skim milk a day, how to get calories up to 4000+ and so forth. Also, for gods sake, don’t flip out when you lose your precious ‘cuts’. You are going to lose them on your quest to hugeness wether you like it or not so get over it. You can get your cuts back later once you are fully satisfied with your body muscle volume. As you read the posts in SBSG you will see everyone in there making progress doing exactly what is said which hopefully will give you some reassurance. Later bro. ~PorchDawg

guys, I know we’re supposed to be helping out the newbies by being extra nice and all by not saying “Its your diet, stupid!” the first time they post the ‘how do I put on 30 pounds by next spring’ question, but in all honesty, it starts to grate on the ears when you hear it for the 1,001st time. Are you sure you’ve read the ‘wealth of info’ yet? If I were Chris, I’d go bungy-jumping without the cord. Sorry, don’t take it personally, I’m just venting. Here’s my suggestion, go read The Missing Ingredient, follow the instructions. Pick a workout split and do the compound movements. Whaddaya say?