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All supped up and no place to go

I am looking for advice from one of the resident experts. Here is my issu: I am 220 lbs at 17% bodyfat, I would like to be between 9 and 11%. I know
“it’s the diet stupid”, so I would like some advice there also, but I have 2 bottles of Tribex 500, 3 bottles of Mag10, 2 bottles of MD6, two bottles of M, and 3 bottles of the OLD T2. What would you reccomend over an 8 week as a stack to help me towards my goals, if it is even possible? I also have 3 bottles of the new Methoxy

You could do the ‘steroid diet’ as written by Cy Willson. It uses some of those supps in the legal version. Really, you have a ton of options. You won’t want to use Tribex and Methoxy with MAG-10 though. MAG-10 is all you need it’s so potent, use the other stuff between MAG-10 cycles. See the “MAG-10 Plan for Success” article.

The biotestedge.com site has some stack recs.

2 weeks MAG-10, followed directly by 2 weeks of Tribex, M, Methoxy, T2 and repeat 4 week plan again for 8 weeks total. Use MD6 throughout 8 weeks then take 2 weeks off of it. You’ll still have leftovers and could decide what to after your 8 week plan. Most importantly, during your 2 week MAG-10 plan, diet hard, very hard. The steroid diet is very effective and that is what I’m doing now. Need more help just ask or search the forum.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a resident expert, but I’m in a similar situation. 8 weeks probably isn’t enough time for all that you want to accomplish AND to fully utilize your supplements. Make sure your diet is “dialed in” (i.e. 6 meals/day, 1g protein/lb of LBM, calories between 2000-2400/day depending on level of activity, always consume protein with complex carbs, replace sat. fats with good fats - at least 1 tbsp of flax oil per day, and stay hydrated with at least 120 oz of water per day, not including what you mix with MRP’s or protein powder).
OK, now for the supplement plan. Figuring you’re 17%BF now (that a total of 37.4 lbs of lard), dieting for the first four weeks you could aim for a reasonable loss of 8 lbs of fat. Assuming you lose no/very little muscle (in reality you’ll probably gain muscle if you’re new to this), that would now put you at 14%BF. Use your MD6 and T2 at recommended dosages. Do 20-30 min of moderate cardio at least 3 times per week in the morning on an empty stomach. This should get you into a routine, help you to work out the details of your diet, bump start the metabolism, and get your muscles into condition to train hard.
Next, start a 2 week cycle of MAG-10. Take 1-1/2 times the dosage (1 capful in the morning & 1 capful in the evening). Sort of a compromise between taken only one dose and double dosing - this should make your 3 bottles last for 2 cycles. Take your calories up to over 4000 per day with at least 400 grams of protein per day. The MAG-10 should prevent the excess calories from being stored as fat. Aim for at least a 7 lb gain in lean mass, maybe 2 as fat over the 2 week cycle.
Then, begin 2 weeks on Tribex 500 and M to kick start your body’s own T production. Keep the calories up, but not as high (maybe around 3000-3200). Your metabolism should be racing by this point and you don’t want to sacrifice your hard earned muscle from the MAG-10.
Now, start your second two-week cycle of MAG-10 (at 1-1/2 doses per day). This time however, it will be for fat-loss/muscle-retention rather than muscle gain. Take your calories way down to 1600-1800 per day. Also take your MD6 and T2 at recommended doses. Keep lifting but not to failure and make sure to do moderate cardio in the morning on an empty stomach (at least 30 min four times per week). Aim for a fat loss of about 6 lbs - this will bring your BF% to about 11.8 at roughly 215.
After this, do another cycle of Tribex 500 and M for two more weeks. Bring your calories back up to a maintenance level of about 2500-2800 per day. Continue with the cardio as when you first started (20-30min 3x/wk). Expect to lose about 2 lbs per week - at the end of these two weeks you should be at 10%BF.
When you’ve run out of all your other supplements, begin using the Methoxy-7. I’m not real sure on the effectiveness of this. My person experience with this is that I didn’t really lose any fat (maybe even inhibited) but it definitely has a “hardening” effect. Once you’ve gotten toward your goal, the Methoxy 7 can amplify the appearance of your muscles.
All told, you should spend at least 12 weeks using all your supplements. Set mini goals for each micro-cycle, work out all the numbers in advance, and then adjust the numbers (and your diet) as you go.
Let us know the results.

First of all congrats on hitting it big in the lotto! or did you rip off a Biotest truck? I currently on the Fat to Fire workout, taking MD6 3 x day, T2 3 x day, surge (after workout), AP or Low Carb Grow when I need it, and methoxy 7 2 X day. You could replace the Methoxy 7 with Mag 10 or Tribex. I’ve been on the program for two weeks and lost seven pounds with little muscle or strength loss. Also I have been using the Don’t Diet diet recommendations. Put all of that together and you could burn some serious fat. Fat to Fire’s recommended length is 3 weeks, Meltdown training, I believe is 6 weeks long. People who have tried Meltdown have really liked it and have seen great BF% losses. Research!!!

Thanks all for the great replies!

Most of the cycling advice you have received is quite good, for additional advice you can always contact T-mag and Biostest staff. As far as my advice goes, I’d start with the Mag-10 alone, and take Tribex 500 when off, when cutting take the Methoxy (so make sure you maintain your hard earned muscle), T-2, and MD-6. DO NOT GET INTO EXCESSIVE CARDIO ROUTINES, more than 30 minutes of intense cardio will shed the fat like crazy, but there is no way you can maintain that year round so you’ll put it all back on (I am speaking from experience), stick to 20 to 30 minutes of intense cardio and you should be fine.
You have a great selection of sups, so you have that covered, as some of our fellow T-men have suggested, research T-Mag and and the forum for diet tips, I am positive you’ll find a lot of answers. Good Luck.